The 13 Worst Countries for Christian Persecution

We often read that CAIR, a known supporter of terrorism, likes to promote the fiction that Muslims in the West are victims of hate crimes. This, of course, is a complete lie. Most of the so-called hate crimes against Muslims are frauds and deceptions by Muslims themselves. (1)

Any careful reader of world news knows that the great majority of religious persecution in the world is directed at Christians and Jews.

Consider the following: "Despite communist North Korea topping the list for the ninth consecutive year, the most dangerous countries in which to practice Christianity are overwhelmingly Islamic ones, according to the annual Open Doors World Watch List [PDF]."

Here are the 13 Worst Countries for Christian Persecution. Those with an asterisk * next to them also appeared in my previous Thursday 13 article, the 13 Most Dangerous Countries in the World for travelers.

Click on a country link for examples of Christian persecution in that country.

CountryPercent Muslim
North Korea0
Saudi Arabia100

It should be noted that of the top 50 worst offending countries on the World Watch List, almost 80% are Muslim-majority nations. Muslims are guilty of two related lies: that Muslims are persecuted in non-Muslim countries and that Christians are not persecuted in Muslim countries.

As bad and outrageous as it is that Muslim governments persecute Christians, it is even more an egregious insult that Western governments send your tax dollars to help these countries persecute even more Christians.

Blazing Cat Fur, Angry Indonesia Muslims Surround Homes Of Christians - Canada Sends Millions To Prop Up Thugocracy

Christian persecution in IndonesiaIndonesia is a CIDA "Country of Focus", meaning millions of your tax dollars, 79 Million in 2009 alone, are being given to a country where attacks on the Christian minority by Muslims are a daily event. That's some oversight.

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WikiIslam, Lies in the Name of Islam

A Muslim women [sic] accused a Sydney Police Officer of "racism" and claimed he physically attempted to remove her veil during a routine traffic stop. In an emotional Channel 7 interview, she tearfully described the "fear" she felt when faced with this "angry" and "aggressive" officer who shouted at her. The police officer in question was later cleared of the charge when patrol car video footage proved he never once touched her and was polite throughout the exchange.


A Muslim leader who has fled the country, is sentenced to 2-years jail for making false accusations of being kidnapped from his home by anti-Muslim extremists who drove him into a forest and threatened him at knife-point to stop the Islamic prayer meetings he was holding.


A bus driver who was accused by two Muslim students of banning them from boarding a bus at Russell Square due to their Islamic dress (one was wearing a hijab and the other a niqab) is cleared of the charge after CCTV footage showed he had actually barred them from the bus for their abusive behaviour.


Only days after the 9/11 attacks, the Saudi Arabian-born ASU student "lied to cops about being assaulted and pelted with eggs in a parking lot while assailants screamed "Die, Muslim, die!" Nasim confessed to fabricating the attack when cops interviewed after he attempted a second hate crime hoax-- in which he locked himself in a library restroom with the word "Die" written on his forehead, a plastic bag tied over his head, and a racist note stuffed in his mouth."

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