Can Muslims Enter Heaven?

In the Hadiths the Prophet Muhammad gave the believers a final choice of an open sex market in heaven where there will be no limit of the number of sexual partners.
An open sex market in Heaven
Photo Credit: Sex in Islam

As an atheist I believe that Heaven is here on Earth. Anyone who watches the science channels on cable or DIRECTV is aware that there are billions and trillions of worlds in the Universe covered in dull barren rock, waterless, devoid of life, and filled with methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other noxious gases.

I spent an hour late last night on a Los Cabos beach enjoying the waxing gibbous moon. A cool breeze floated over my body as I relaxed with a glass of wine watching my grand-children cavorting in a lighted pool nearby. What a blessing to be a human being on this planet, in this solar system, in this time.

Planets like ours are very rare and it is a sad thing indeed that so many Earthlings cannot find peace and joy in this world but look for it in the next.

Some Earthlings will even kill their fellow man in order to get there. I am, of course, speaking of Muslims who believe that killing infidels will earn them an eternity of sensual delights in the world to come.

If there is a God, it would be unconscionable that He would ever allow Muslims to enter Paradise.

Which reminds me of the following joke:

A Muslim Dies And Goes Up To Heaven

A Muslim dies and goes up to heaven. He's stopped at the Pearly Gates by Saint Peter who says "Sorry, but we don't allow Muslims into Heaven!"

"What?" replies the Muslim, "Why not?"

"Well, we just don't!"

The Muslim complains and carries on until Saint Peter gets fed up, "Well," says Saint Peter, "have you ever done anything good in you life?"

"Erm ..." the Muslim replies, "yeah, just the other day a lady stopped me on the street collecting for a children's charity so I gave her ten dollars. Then last week I also donated ten dollars to the American Cancer Society. Plus a couple of weeks ago a tramp asked me if I could spare any money so I gave him ten dollars too!"

"Alrighty then," says Saint Peter, "let me go and have a quick word with God."

Five minutes later Saint Peter returns and says to the Muslim, "Listen, I've spoken with God and He agrees with me - here's your 30 bucks back, now screw off!"

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