Images Of Sexy Women With Burmese Pythons

naked Sexy Woman With Burmese Python
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Four years ago I wrote an article about vulnerable Devon Aoki, a tiny, sweet young thing with innocent eyes and a Burmese Python coiled around her vulnerable, easily beaten, vulnerable, delicious, white complexioned body, suitable for ravishing by the Muslim faithful.

The purpose, of course, of displaying vulnerable, young, tight-skinned, naked white women such as Jessica Renee, seen here with snake, is to lure Muslims to my site. If you click on the little map in my sidebar you will see that I have successfully drawn Muslims from all over the world to come to my blog.

It is not enough that I warn infidels of the Islamic threat facing us, I also hope to convince a few Muslims that their religion is a barbaric, backward, violent, and savage ideology not compatible with modern civilization and not to bother coming here because they will not be welcome and they will not be happy in our country if they try to hold onto their primitive cultural and religious customs.

As for Muslims born here who desire to strive in the path of God as outlined in the Qur'an, this will only lead to terrorism. I can understand why someone who was born and raised in a goat-forsaken Middle Eastern craphole in poverty and squalor would turn in desperation to terror, but why would someone born here, educated in our schools, raised in our culture, living among us for decades, want to destroy his home country?

Simple, if you are a devout Muslim, Islam must rule; there can be no other law but Shariah. That is why I warn you to avoid becoming devout. Do not go to mosques, do not pray, do not do Muslim things. Otherwise you are doomed.

Consider Wesam El-Hanafi, 33, born and raised in Brooklyn. Last year he was arrested along with Sabirhan Hasanoff, 34, and charged with one count of "conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization." (1)

One is a computer engineer, the other an accountant. Both have degrees from Baruch College, both are married with children. They are not poor, uneducated extremists. They are well-to-do, college-educated professionals who previously were considered moderate Muslims.

El-Hanafi pledged allegiance thousands of times growing up in our schools, playing with his American friends, with a good job and family, living the American dream. But that is not enough for devout Muslims.



CBS News, 30 Apr 2010, Two NY Men Arrested For Trying to Help Al Qaeda

Two United States citizens residing in Brooklyn, N.Y., have been arrested and charged with trying to aid Al Qaeda terrorists.

According to the indictment obtained by CBS News, the men, Wesam El-Hanafi, 33, and Sabirhan Hasanoff, 34, are charged with one count of "conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization."

The charge carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.


"The defendants would and did agree to provide al Qaeda with, among other things, computer advice and assistance, services, and currency, knowing that al Qaeda had engaged and was engaging in terrorist activity," according to the indictment.


El-Hanafi was born and raised in Brooklyn. Hasanoff has U.S. and Australian citizenship, according to the indictment.

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