Muslims have A Norway Massacre Every Day

In my article Israel Takes the Fun out of Shooting Down Planes, I noted that Israel spends hundreds of millions of dollars in the pursuit of saving the life of even one of their own while Iran, in a complete disregard for the lives of their own children, sent them out as human mine detectors during the war with Iraq.

Some of my readers cannot abide any criticism of Muslims, so in response to that post, Poyani, a reader from the Muslim-ass-kissing city of Toronto, left this comment:

Hmm! Kinda funny reading about "complete disregard of" the lives of children.
Afterall, it seems that one of you guys went wacko and killed a whole bunch of kids in Norway this week.

I left this answer:

Poyani, there are more than 2 billion Christians in the world and very few went berserk in the past decade - while in the same period more than 16,000 Muslim attacks have occurred in the name of Islam.

I do not want to diminish the 100 lives lost in the Norway tragedy but if you're going to make comparisons, I think you need to have some perspective: Muslims murder more than a 100 people somewhere in the world every single day.

The Syrian army killed more civilians on purpose in one attack in three weeks in 1982 (see The Hama Massacre) than all the Palestinians accidentally killed through the fog of war by Israel since the country's founding.

Although everyone calls the Norway Camp Shooting a "massacre," it is reported that Assad's brother Rifaat, who commanded the Hama assault, had a joyous beam in his eyes when he boasted of killing 38,000 people in less than a month. That is a massacre.

As for Christians going wild, they cannot compare with the staggering number of Muslim attacks (more than 17,500) in the one decade since 9/11.

As for Breivik being a Christian extremist:

Wizbang, In Jesus Name? Not Hardly

The Norwegian monster who slaughtered nearly a hundred people is being labeled a “Christian right-wing terrorist,” based largely on his 1500-page manifesto and various other statements he made before and after his rampage. He states he’s a Christian, and was acting in defense of Christianity. So it’s a slam dunk, right?

Not hardly.

When the nutjob (I’m sticking to my long-standing policy of not naming monsters who commit their heinous deeds for publicity) talks about his actions and beliefs, he goes into detail about a great many of them.


What’s missing from his rantings? Any indicator that he held very devout Christian beliefs.

Look at your average Islamist whackjob. They’re all too eager to talk about how they love Allah, that they’re carrying out Allah’s will, and can spout off countless verses that justify what they do and have done. Verses from the Koran, hadiths, and the words of various influential Islamic leaders all lend themselves to support whatever atrocities they commit. For example, the Muslim who killed two Army soldiers in Little Rock made it clear he was acting in the name of Islam. So did the Fort Hood shooter, the Times Square would-be bomber, the DC snipers, the underwear bomber, the shoe bomber, and countless others.

On the other hand, the Norwegian killer didn’t quote the Bible. He didn’t talk about how God or Jesus led him to carry out his deeds. No, to him “Christianity” is simply one aspect of Western culture and society that he feels to defend. It’s not the core of his belief system; it’s simply a way of emphasizing the un-Islamic nature of the West.

Although murder is murder, Breivik merely shot his victims. In the Beslan massacre, Muslim terrorists abused, tortured and killed their victims.

Beslan school siege
Beslan School Massacre
Photo Credit: Bare Naked Islam

No one has to lose sleep worrying whether there is another Timothy McVeigh or Anders Breivik in their midst plotting an attack against them. They will not change the way we live, work or play. Only Muslim extremists can accomplish that.

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