Spending This Week at the Grand Mayan Los Cabos

The Grand Mayan Los Cabos
The Grand Mayan Los Cabos
Photo Credit: cabo.com

My wife, our two sons, two daughters-in-law, two grand-daughters, grandson and I will be spending this week at the Grand Mayan Resort in Los Cabos which overlooks the Sea of Cort├ęs.

Afterwords, we will spend a week at another resort nearby but facing the Pacific Ocean instead.

This is our first day here and so I have very little to say other than the beaches although beautiful have dangerous undertows, the food at the local supermarket twice as expensive as in the states, and the people very friendly.

I should mention that many of the Mexicans in town speak a little English which reflects badly on those immigrants who come to America and still only speak a little English even after years of living in our country.

The resort clamps these colored bracelets on our wrists to identify hotel guests but what it really does is label you as a mark. When my wife and I went to the supermarket, a few timeshare hawkers approached us with offers of a free car rental and discounts on sightseeing if we spent a short time listening to a sales pitch.

We turned them down; we have enough timeshares. We have a two week timeshare at Disney which we use every two years. We also have a timeshare in Vegas which is what we used to trade these two weeks we will be spending in Mexico this year.

The Grand Mayan Los Cabos
The Grand Mayan Los Cabos
Photo Credit: cabo.com

From what I can gather, Los Cabos would probably be practically empty if it were not for timeshare people like me.

Even though I am on vacation, I will still blog every day.

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