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I have written a number of articles begging everyone to stop sending aid to Africa, that such so-called 'help' actually robs Africa of its future, that despite decades of food aid there are now more Africans starving than 25 years ago, that most of the money supposedly for food instead goes to purchase weapons which has caused the death of millions more Africans.

And don't take my word for it, Dambisa Moyo, a former economist at Goldman Sachs and author, tells us that aid to Africa is an unmitigated disaster.

A few days ago I received an email from a reader asking me that if we shouldn't send money, medicine, or food, what can be done to help.

The best thing would be to do nothing. Allow Africans to re-learn how to grow their own food and become independent.

Sadly there will be those that feel that they must do something, that they cannot just close their eyes to the hunger, disease and misery. They cannot face the fact that the reason there is so much hunger, disease and misery in Africa is precisely due to their constant help.

A few years ago I denigrated the work of a group called FOKO whose goal was to help the Malagasy people improve their quality of life. I wrote that unless they changed their goal from empowering women to sterilizing them, they were doomed to failure. And fail they did - the group stopped their efforts late in 2009.

But there are still those who think they can help by interfering. Here is another effort doomed to failure:

aspiring web entrepreneurs in Ghana

Technology - GOOD, 8 Sep 2011, African Entrepreneurs Are Making Ghana Into a Tech Startup Hub

Step aside, Silicon Valley and Bangalore. A group of aspiring web entrepreneurs in Ghana are looking to turn Accra into the newest startup hub. The nonprofit World Wide Web Foundation is working with local developers through a training program called Mobile Web Ghana to give participants the business and technology skills they need to leverage ideas into successful mobile web companies.

Photo courtesy the World Wide Web Foundation

This is just a feel-good waste of time. Africa cannot become a tech hub. Africa cannot become self-sufficient. Africa cannot become disease-free or anything until they get their population down and for God's sake stop taking aid.

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