The Real Land of Opportunity

We in the US like to think we have great farmland. The truth is there exists a place with ten times the arable land that we have. A place with more resources, oil, gold, diamonds, rubber, rare earths, and so on.

A place that has received trillion of dollars in gifts from the rest of the world.

A place bigger than the US, China, Eastern Europe, Mexico, Sweden, India, Peru, the UK, Norway, Greece, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and Italy combined. Here is the map of this place with the countries I mentioned superimposed.

But with all of its riches and all of the food, medicine, and aid given over the past 70 years, Africa is a basket case. Africa could be growing ten times more food than the US - it could be a great food exporter, instead, it's a food beggar.

We have seen that welfare turns productive, independent men into worthless, unemployable wretches - now we see what happens when a continent goes on welfare. For Gods Sake - Stop Helping Africa.

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