I am an American

I am an American

Some of my readers have asked for more information about me; seems my FAQ section does not reveal enough.

I suppose I could talk about my favorite color, lucky number, foods I like but how does that really say anything important about me?

Let's discuss for a moment what I am not.

I was born in Uzbekistan, a Muslim country, but I am not a Muslim.

I was born in the Soviet Union, a Communist country, but I am not a Communist.

I was born in Middle Asia, where one's destiny is to live in fear, uncertainty and doubt, but I do not live in fear, uncertainty and doubt.

My parents were Eastern Europeans but I am not an Eastern European.

Where I was born does not define me.

I have traveled to more than a few hundred cities in the world, but I would rather live in a small town in America than in Paris, London or Munich.

Still, where I have been does not define me.

I am a blogger, an atheist, a libertarian, a merchant, and a businessman - these are things I chose to be. But among them is missing the most important choice: when I was 18 years old I chose to be an American.

Of all the things in the world I am most proud to be able to say, "I am an American."

It doesn't get any better than this. That I feel this way does define me.

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