The Obama Presidential Library

In this short Youtube video, Virginia S. Hinshaw, Chancellor of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, gives her reasons why Barack Obama's Presidential Library and Museum should be located in Honolulu. Actually she only gives two reasons: he is the only President to have been born in Hawaii (which of course is debatable) and he embodies the global multicultural perspective which is the hallmark of that state.

But what would such a library contain? has a few ideas:

What will you find in the Obama Presidential Library?

Considering all of his Accomplishments like:

First President to spend more money on vacations than any other in History
First President to get a AA Rating in History
Highest Food Stamp percentage in History
Highest debt in history spending 4 Trillion in 3 years
Highest unemployment in 20 years
First President to hold a Beer Summit
First president to bow to the World
Cash for Clunkers

This is truly a Historical President....

What would you put in his Presidential Library?

Let me start it out....

1. Cash for clunkers car
2. Presidential set of Golf Clubs
3. Moosechelle's Walmart Dresses

I have read that funds are already being raised to help build the Obama Library. But I believe very little monies will be needed, as explained by Dr. Jack Wheeler at his blog To The Point News:

Presidential Libraries contain all the pertinent information about the respective presidents. This is all of their history before their nominations, the campaign papers, memorabilia, all of the papers from their presidency, and so on; a wealth of information about the man and his life both private and public.

What would Barack Hussein Obama Jr.'s presidential library look like and what would they archive in it? Just exactly what would the design parameters be?

1.) It wouldn't need to be very big because there are no records to archive from before he was president and everything he does as president is either done in secret, no one will admit to it, or a lie.

2.) It would have to be very mobile because by the time he is done as president, no city or state will acknowledge that he ever even visited let alone originally came from there. Plus if the general public ever caught up with it...

3.) Construction material would need to be easily maintained by minimal staff. Preferably something that could be hosed out occasionally and left to air dry.

4.) It would be a good idea if it was a dual use facility so that it could at least get some sort of appropriate use.

Here, then, is the perfect answer to all of the above. Shouldn't cost much more than a trillion or so to build it.


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