My Wife Will Not Eat Blemished Fruit

brown spotted banana
Flickr-User: Amanda Krueger

My wife has a fruit and vegetable compulsion: she cannot buy, eat or tolerate looking at produce that are spotted, bruised, discolored, or misshapen.

Consider for example the banana pictured here. She will throw this banana away if I do not eat it first. Whenever I see an apple, orange, or banana begin to lose its pristine appearance I quickly consume it before it ends up in the garbage. In this regard her mania/phobia/paranoia encourages me to eat more than 5 servings of fruit a day.

It happens that I find brown-spotted bananas tastier than those that just ripened.

I do most of the grocery shopping so there are certain rules in regard to produce. I cannot buy a prepackaged bag of apples, peaches, or plums. Why? Because one cannot closely inspect each individual fruit. Any piece of fruit brought home with a russet will immediately go into the garbage.

This makes it difficult with items like strawberries or grapes. Even with a close inspection of the container one cannot squeeze every strawberry to make sure there are no soft spots, so before my wife can get to them I clean and swallow down every piece that is not perfectly firm and healthy looking.

Anyone else out there with unusual phobias?

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