Discrimination Does Not Lead to Poverty

Fay Hokulani - chinese-indonesian model
Fay Hokulani, Chinese-Indonesian Model
Photo Credit: www.withlovefay.com

Discrimination does not prevent anyone from achieving success. In fact, it may facilitate success. Take the example of Jews in medieval Europe: they became adept at money handling (1) precisely because such activities were forbidden to Christians.

In the last century, Jews excelled even in the most antisemitic of countries; consider Hungary, one of the worst places to be a Jew in the 1900s, despite that, the majority of Hungarian Nobel Laureates are Jews. As well, Jews are the majority of Polish Born Nobel Prize Winners, and almost a third of Germany's pre-WWII Nobel Laureates - two other countries not particularly nice places for Jews to live.

From 1870 to 1950, in spite of or perhaps because of harsh and brutal discrimination, Jews excelled and dominated practically every intellectual pursuit (2) in significantly larger proportion compared to their numbers.

But one may object that Jews are a bad example, that perhaps Jews are the one and only exception of a hated group succeeding despite discrimination; how about some other ethnic group?

OK, let's consider the Chinese. For decades, the Chinese in Indonesia, currently about 3% of the population, faced brutal discrimination and attacks, and where officially, any expressions of Chinese culture were banned. The ethnic Chinese were even forced to adopt Indonesian-sounding names. Despite that, the most successful and most powerful businessmen in Indonesia were mostly Chinese-Indonesians.

Not just Indonesia, the Chinese are hated in almost all Asian countries. Let us look at Malaysia: according to CIA - The World Factbook, the Chinese represent 23.7% of the population of Malaysia, yet they hold most of the nation's wealth despite the fact that there is legalized discrimination against the Chinese minority.

As blogger Half Sigma notes:

... the Chinese way outperform Malaysians at things such as making money and attending college.


This situation flies in the face one of the standard explanation for black underperformance in the United States, that discrimination against blacks by the majority prevents them from doing well. In Malaysia, there is legalized discrimination against the Chinese minority, but the Chinese just keep continuing to outperform the Malays.

The Chinese faced savage communal attacks in these countries not in a century or two past, but a mere few years ago. One might be tempted to say that the Chinese, where they are a hated minority in Asian countries, are the blacks of the orient; however because of their success it would be more accurate to call them the Jews of the orient.

Discrimination does not lead to poverty - mindset leads to poverty. If Malaysia had a welfare program or affirmative action to help out a specific group, then that group would be the poorest and dumbest in their society.

That blacks consider themselves as worthy of only handouts and that racism is holding them back are the two main reasons that blacks are overly represented among the ranks of the poor, unemployed, and uneducated. Racism and discrimination, which of course exists everywhere not just in America, has nothing to do with poverty and ignorance among so many blacks.

If blacks are to be successful, they have to stop blaming whitey for everything.

Regarding the photo of Fay Hokulani, is there any wonder why some Chinese-Indonesians are so successful? Fay, a 24 year‐old model, host, radio personality, & fitness enthusiast has appeared in several men’s magazines such as Esquire, Men's Health, New Man, Clive, STUFF & FHM. Fay is also a Hollywood news reporter on HITZ.FM – a #1 English radio channel in Malaysia.



Freedom Daily, Making Sense of Jewish Stereotypes

Entry into many fields was barred to Jews. Those who were competent financiers were most likely to succeed in a society where they were essentially personae non gratae.

Jews and the professions

Jews learned by experience to develop skills in professions dependent on intellectual talents - they became teachers, doctors, lawyers, accountants. In a Europe where Jews were always considered resident-aliens, subject to expulsion or expropriation at the whim of the political class, it made sense to have a livelihood not tied to the ground. A Jew in exile could resume his profession and offer a scarce and valuable service wherever expulsion landed him.


Commentary Magazine, April 2007, Jewish Genius

How does the actual number of significant figures compare to what would be expected given the Jewish proportion of the European and North American population? From 1870 to 1950, Jewish representation in literature was four times the number one would expect. In music, five times. In the visual arts, five times. In biology, eight times. In chemistry, six times. In physics, nine times. In mathematics, twelve times. In philosophy, fourteen times.

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