Do Muslims Really Condemn Terror?

Millions of Indian Muslims Protest Terrorism, Surrender Holiday Spirit: Media Silent

Yes, it is true, there are many Muslims who on paper say they condemn terror acts, but these are not unlike our President who says he condemns acts of terror but refuses to specifically name the religion of the terrorist.

Because of Obama's orders to all agencies not to mention Islam or Muslims in regard to Islamic terror acts, the Pentagon’s 84-page report reviewing the Ft Hood massacre [PDF], does not contain the words Islam, Muslim, or Jihad, despite the fact that the perpetrator was a Muslim, was following the injunctions of the most holy book in Islam, and yelled out the preamble to all Jihadist's terror acts, "Allahu Akbar."

Consider the photo above. It is supposed to be an example of Muslims condemning terror acts. Now consider this headline from a Muslim-appeasing Jew:, 10 Dec 2008, Millions of Indian Muslims Protest Terrorism, Surrender Holiday Spirit: Media Silent

Millions of Muslims across India have decided to temper or even cancel festivities on their most cherished week of holy yearly celebrations, the Eid, in protest of crimes committed in the name of Islam by the criminals who murdered so many in Mumbai.

Here's the real story: within days of the Mumbai Massacre of 30 Nov 2008, hundreds of thousands of Hindu protesters went into the streets to rail against their government's ineptitude in fighting terror (see the video below). After more than a week of such protests, Muslim leaders were facing quite a problem: how will they be able to celebrate their holiday of Bakr Eid while so many Hindus were in the streets protesting against a massacre caused by Muslims?

They decided that they would tone down their festivities and join the Hindus in their condemnation of terror. Here is how one Islamic Qadi (judge) expressed his anger and outrage against the perpetrators of Islamic terror:

Times Of India, 10 Dec 2008, On Eid, bands against terror

In Chennai, chief Shia Qazi Ghulam Mohammed Mehdi Khan said, "I request each and every Indian regardless of their caste, community, state, religion or race to stand united against such inhuman groups because our sustenance and survival lies in our unity as Indians. No religion promotes terrorism and terrorism has no religion." Trader Navaz Currimbhoy described it as a landmark day. "This is the first time I have heard a Qazi categorically condemn an act of terror."

This could have come from an Obama lackey: no mention of Islam, Muslims, or Jihad. Not quite a condemnation of Islamic terrorism.

As the following video shows, the protests against an inept government and against terror were already happening in the streets days before the Muslim holiday. There were no millions of Muslims suddenly and independently rising in the streets condemning Islamic terror. The author of the blog misspoke - a few thousand Muslims merely joined a protest already in progress to make themselves look good and to fend off a public relations nightmare.

The tens of thousands of protestors you see are mostly Hindu. To spot a Muslim, look for a white kufi (headcap).

YouTube, Mumbai Rally - Part2: Protest Terror Attack

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