Trayvon Martin was a Thug

trayvon martin

I know, I know: never speak ill of the dead; however, his family is making him out to be this saint of a little, innocent child mowed down for no reason other than his blackness. The truth is, he was a thug in the making.

In the photo above, which is not at all what he looked like when he was taken for a possible burglar, he certainly looks like a decent, young man.

Here is what he really looked like that night.

trayvon martin as he really looked

That's right, he's sporting gold-capped incisors and the whole bottom row of teeth as well. He looks more like a Mike Tyson than a St Martin de Porres.

No saint indeed - how about multiple suspensions:

Miami Herald, Multiple suspensions paint complicated portrait of Trayvon Martin

As thousands of people gathered here to demand an arrest in the Trayvon Martin case, a more complicated portrait began to emerge of a teenager whose problems at school ranged from getting spotted defacing lockers to getting caught with a marijuana baggie and women’s jewelry.

The Miami Gardens teen who has become a national symbol of racial injustice was suspended three times, and had a spotty school record that his family’s attorneys say is irrelevant to the facts that led up to his being gunned down on Feb. 26.

Not the decent kid headed for college, eh? Trayvon, as his name suggests, was headed for the state pen, not Penn State. Here's a suggestion to Trayvon's mother and other black mothers, as I noted in another article, unless your children were born in Zimbabwe, stop calling them Mfuqwa or Shaniqwa ... If you want your children to be successful in America do what everybody else does in this country, assimilate.

In addition, Trayvon also had a few tattoos (from his MySpace page) that his family will not mention, not that tattoos by themselves mean anything, but it does color him with a different brush:

trayvon martin tattoos

The blog Wagist tells us that Trayvon's Twitter account was recently deleted. Perhaps because his screen name was “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA?"

Why would a nice, decent, college-aspiring young man choose such a nom de gangsta?

Oh, and why does his top MySpace friend Mario Riley flash a gang sign on his profile photo?

MySpace friend Mario Riley

Here's what likely happened that night. George Zimmerman noticed a strange young man in the neighborhood wearing a hoodie, starts watching him. Trayvon says stop following me, mother-f*cker. Zimmerman sees the gold teeth, the Mike Tyson face, the nigga-attitude and refuses. Trayvon cold-cocks him and they get into a fight with the tragic consequences. But Zimmerman is the innocent here.

I wasn't there and all the things coming out about Trayvon do not prove anything. However, taken together, I do not see an innocent child being shot. I see something quite different.

This is just another Tawana Brawley affair where the race-baiters have it all wrong again. And by race-baiters I do not mean just Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the like, I mean President Obama. I would never say 'If I Had A Son, He'd Look Like Trayvon." I'd be too ashamed.


(St Martin de Porres):

Belgravia Catholic Church of St Anne, African Saints

St Martin de Porres

On May 16, 1962, Pope John XXIII, in a ceremony at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, made Martin de Porres the first African American saint. Martin was born on December 9, 1579, in Lima, Peru, the illegitimate son of Don Juan de Porres of Burgos a Spanish nobleman, and Ana Velasquez, a young freed Negro slave girl.

Martin de Porres the first African American saint

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