My Wife Does Not Like Me to Stir Cranberry Sauce

whole berry cranberry sauce
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I have mentioned in previous articles, here and here, that although my wife and I agree on 99% of the issues of the world (politics, religion, child-rearing) we almost never agree in the kitchen.

Well, it happened again yesterday with cranberry sauce.

I made turkey for dinner with cornbread stuffing, asparagus, broccoli, corn, and cranberry sauce. On Thanksgiving I prefer to make cranberry sauce from scratch, however this time I used whole berry canned cranberry sauce. In that regard my wife and I are in agreement, we do not like the jellied version.

Where we disagree is what is done when the cranberry sauce is emptied out of the can. I like to stir the sauce so that the berries are evenly distributed throughout. I find that the berries sink to the bottom of the can so that without stirring, there will be sections of the sauce with lopsided distribution of berries.

At the top we see how I prefer my sauce to look.

My wife however will not eat it if I stir it. She wants me to slice the cranberry sauce like so:

cranberry sauce sliced
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But, as I mentioned, this way there will be slices with more berries as you proceed to the bottom of the can.

Some readers may suggest that I slice a few for her and stir the remainder for myself; however if I do that then one of two things may happen. If I give her the slices from the top, then I will be eating sauce that will be berry-heavy; if I give her slices from the bottom then my portion will be jelly-heavy. The only solution is to give her a can of her own.

I don't know why we have the same beliefs regarding God, Capitalism, and the proper way to bring up children but can never agree, ever, on anything regarding how to cook what, how to bake, how to use meat thermometers, how to slice tomatoes, how to boil eggs or how to properly serve canned cranberry sauce.

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