Racism Is a Tactic to Keep Poor People Poor

Al Sharpton - hate-monger
Al Sharpton - hate-monger
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In response to a comment left on my article Blacks are more Racist than Whites, reader Don from New York wrote:

... until we take this conversation to a higher level like racism is a tactic used by the elite to keep poor people arguing with each other and not uniting to fight against the class system that maintains the status quo that favors the 1% of people (white and male) owning the majority of wealth in this country, we'll continue to see poor people pulling each other down like crabs in the barrel.

I agree in part: racism is indeed a tactic used to keep poor people arguing with each other. However, the people using this tactic are not white male elites, they are black demagogue elites like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who just cannot wait for a young black man to be killed so that they can spin their white racist hatred. As long as poor blacks continue in the delusion that they are downtrodden, poor and uneducated because white America keeps them so, then Sharpton and his race-baiting allies can continue to rake in the money and continue to be in the spotlight.

It is white America that helps blacks more than anyone else in the world.

wvwnews.net, For Black Race Demagogues, How Much Is Enough?

Nor is it valid any longer to point to white owned corporations and accuse them of racial bias. In a social climate in which “racism” has now become anathema, national and multi-national scale corporations recruit qualified black candidates assiduously, and sometimes even bend the rules to acquire them. Not merely because it makes for good press to provide a corporate culture that prizes “diversity”, but because it’s the law.

In my article Discrimination Does Not Lead to Poverty, I gave examples of how Jews and Chinese have faced unbearable persecution, discrimination and physical attacks and yet in those very same countries excelled in wealth and achievements beyond those who persecuted and discriminated against them.

Yes, there are whites who hates blacks, so what? There are whites that hate kikes, yet Jews as a class are one of the most educated and successful in America. The difference is that Jews help each other. Sadly, for blacks, it's every man for himself.

It is not racism against blacks that holds black people in poverty and despair, it is racism and prejudice against whites and which are stoked by scumbags like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Al Sharpton, without knowing the facts, prejudged the actions of a non-black in the Trayvon Martin case, just as he prejudged the actions of a non-blacks in many other cases, and which he was entirely wrong 100% of the time.

If Al Sharpton wanted to do something positive, something that could help blacks become successful, he would have come down to Sanford to scold the so-called parents for allowing their son to dress and act like a thug. How is it possible for a 17 year-old high school kid to be missing almost three days with no one noticing that he wasn't around?

Blaming whites for Trayvon's death is misdirected. Sharpton should have told the parents that his death was their fault. Until blacks take responsibility for their own failures, they will continue as a group to be failures.

Sadly, this is not what Al Sharpton wants. A successful black community doesn't need Al Sharpton. The voice that blacks need to listen to is that of Bill Cosby who believes it's time to Stop Blaming 'The White Man.'

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