Today April 9 is National Name Yourself Day

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On most holidays very little creativity is expected of celebrants other than simply showing up. There are two exceptions, Halloween (with its pumpkin carving and costume designing) and Name Yourself Day.

Today, you, my dear reader, can celebrate this holiday by giving yourself a new name. Change your first, middle, or last name. The first task God gave to Adam was to name all the wild animals of the land and all the birds in the sky. Not to build a dwelling or to till the land, but to name things (Genesis 2:19).

For those of you who have been given an abomination of a name such as Shaniqwa, Taishown, or Trayvon, you know, Ebonic appellations that consign poor blacks to perpetual poverty, failure, and early death, then this would be a good time to pick a permanent replacement.

Not sure what to call yourself today? Go over to Random Renamer at (see Disclaimer below).


I do not make any money pimping other websites - This is strictly free advice for my readers for entertainment purposes.

I will not be responsible if you pick a new name and your life is still crappy afterwards.

See my full disclaimer here.

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