I Practiced Attachment Parenting Decades Before Jamie Lynne Grumet

Jamie Lynne Grumet breast feeding
Jamie Lynne Grumet Breast-feeding
Photo Credit: Time Magazine

Readers of my blog are familiar with my articles on the proper raising of children which is now called 'attachment parenting.'

Here are some of the details:

Huff Post, 11 May 2012, Jamie Lynne Grumet, Breastfeeding Mom On 'TIME Magazine' Cover, Illustrates Attachment Parenting

In the provocative new cover story of its May 21 issue, TIME Magazine taps into a two-decade-long parenting conversation that has boiled over in recent months. Journalist Kate Pickert reports on the rise of attachment parenting, a set of techniques popularized by Dr. William (Bill) Sears in "The Baby Book," his 767-page treatise published in 1992.

In the article, Pickert explores who Sears is and why controversy surrounds his theories -- the biggies are baby-wearing, extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping -- but it's TIME's photographs of real mothers breastfeeding their toddlers that has everyone talking...

For my readers' convenience here are just a few links to my articles:

I practiced attachment parenting starting in 1976 with the birth of my first child. Both of my sons are the envy of every parent who knows them. No smoking, no drinking, no bad friends, no carousing, no drugs, both hard-working, non-violent, sensible, healthy, loving, responsible parents themselves. Attachment parenting - it works.

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