Guess Where I Am?

me in vegas june 2012

I will give you three hints to help you guess where I am this weekend:

  1. I met these girls as I was walking in 100 plus degree heat.
  2. I will be looking at the latest in jewelry designs at a Jewelry show at a resort hotel.
  3. Muslims call living in this place, the biggest jihad.

OK, so maybe the third hint is a bit esoteric (see explanation below) but yes, I'm in Las Vegas again. This time it's for the JCK 2012 jewelry event in Las Vegas which opened today. The show features over 2,500 jewelry brands, individual designers, and manufacturers and is being held at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

Because gold is so high, I'm looking for alternative metals for jewelry to sell in my stores and perhaps get some ideas for completely new product lines.

As for the "biggest jihad," that is what Muslims have to fight living in a city filled with sparkling temptations of nearly naked women, gambling, drinking, and sex:

LA Times, A Straight Path Through Sin City

Followers of Islam in this adult playground struggle not only with post-Sept. 11 uncertainties, but with the temptations of a town built on decadence. Some believe the test makes them better Muslims.

"The prophet," said Zafar A. Anjum, spiritual director of the Islamic Society of Nevada and a scholar held up by Las Vegas Muslims as the last word in town on all questions Islamic, "was coming back after some fighting. So he addressed his companions, and he said that what you have been doing is the fighting of the lesser jihad, the little jihad. And now you are going back to your homes, so be prepared for the biggest jihad, the greater jihad.

"And they asked, 'What do you mean by biggest jihad?'

"So he said, 'While you are at home, you have to fight all the evils and the temptations.' Well, this is the biggest jihad."

With the allures of the Strip providing obvious subtext, Anjum, a native of rural India who knew little about Las Vegas when he was offered a position here, was asked if those who confronted a more arduous jihad received a greater reward in the afterlife.

A sometimes impatient-seeming man, Anjum brightened and smiled.

"Yes, yes," he said, his voice high-pitched. "The person who is living in this environment, he will get more reward as compared to the person who is living somewhere in the desert and he has no temptations."

So Muslims in Las Vegas believe they have taken on one of the greatest of the greater jihads?


And that is why I like to have two pretty girls on my arms ( with all apologies to my wife): because it will give me a greater reward in Paradise.

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