Obama is Wrong - Successful People in America Do Not Need Help from the Government

I opened a store in Toms River last year but no one helped me. The truth is, too many people stood in my way. I needed a license from the city but it took more than three months for the city to process it. And while I was waiting for the license I had to pay a few thousand dollars each month in rent.

Now you may ask, "Why didn't you wait to get a license before you rented the store?" Simple: the city won't issue a license unless you are renting a location. In other words, I can't get a license first and then find a place to operate. Now that's the kind of help, Mr. President, that businessmen typically get in this country today.

Then when I wanted to put up signs, the city put up as many barriers as possible. When I sent an employee to request the ordinance prohibiting a certain sign, he was told by the sign-nazi he could not see it. Now that's the kind of help, Mr. President, that businessmen typically get in this country today.

Before I could open the doors I had to get a new certificate of occupancy. I did not do any new construction, I did not change a thing in the store. But the city wanted their pound of flesh and charge fees for completely unnecessary inspections. Then the fire department came in and charged me a fee for inspecting the store (what do my taxes pay for?). The State weight and measures came in and charged me a fee for certifying my scale even though I do not sell anything by weight. The weight is only for my own use and not for the customer. So if my scale is not accurate, that's my problem not the customer's.

So I paid my sign fees, my occupancy fees, my fire inspection fees, my scale fees and, without boring my readers, even more fees. As I noted in my article So You want to be your Own Boss, "I waste 20% or more of my profits on lawyers, tax accountants, financial advisers, bookkeepers just to comply with hundreds of regulatory and taxing authorities." Now that's the kind of help, Mr. President, that businessmen typically get in this country today.

Yes, Mr. president, I do need the Internet to do business, but instead of getting help from others to make me successful, all I got was sabotage by Unions (which you support), see my article Communications Non-Workers of America are Worthless Idiots.

Before I make a single penny I first have to pay permits, fees, excise taxes, Corporate Income Taxes, Real Estate Taxes, State Income Taxes, State Sales Taxes on my supplies, State Unemployment Taxes, Telephone federal, state and local surcharge taxes, Utility Taxes, Workers Compensation Taxes, gas and electricity bills, etc.

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You, Mr. President, said I didn't become successful by myself. You're right. I needed the help from an attorney to help me decipher the more than 40,627 new laws passed in one year alone (1) and a bunch of accountants to help me comply with those laws and regulations.

So Mr. President, if you think that I'm successful because someone helped me along the way, you are quite wrong. I am successful compared to others because I was better at jumping over the thousands of hurdles placed in my way by Unions, Laws, Regulations, Bureaucrats, Taxes, and You.

Can't I just ask you and all those who help me along the way, to just leave me the f*ck alone?



searchamelia.com, Land of 40,627 Laws and Regulations More

January 1st 2010 saw 40,627 new laws on the books in the USA and its overseas territories and protectorates.


I have been a numbers man all my life and the realization that modern society requires me to know the Laws I am potentially exposed to, made me try to quantify the time needed to familiarize myself superficially with 40,627 new laws if I would spend 2 minutes per newly introduced law. It would take 81,254 minutes or 1,354 hours or 169  8-hour workdays to know my rights and plights pertaining to these 40,000 plus laws.

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