No Surprise: Georgia Woman Who Rescued Animals Killed In Dog Attack

Although over 5,576,934 unique visitors have landed on my website since 2006, it appears as if Georgia college student Rebecca Carey, 23, missed reading my 2006 article National Disgrace - Dog Attacks where I warn my readers that "There are many dogs that have not been treated affectionately enough or socialized properly and they can be fine all their lives except for one particular day when they decide they’ve had enough of humans and go for the jugular."

Rebecca has been rescuing dogs since she was a teenager, precisely the kind of dogs that likely have not been treated affectionately enough or socialized properly. Here is the story:

Fox News, 17 Aug 2012, Georgia woman who rescued animals killed in dog attack

A Georgia college student who cared for abandoned animals for nearly a decade was attacked and killed by a dog, police said.

Rebecca Carey, 23, was killed at her Decatur home sometime over the weekend, reports.

Authorities said Carey, who worked with dogs since she was a young teenager, had five dogs living with her at the time of her death. They included a pit bull, which she had owned for six years, a boxer mix and a Presa, a large Spanish breed. She was also dogsitting another Presa for a friend.

Carey’s body was discovered Sunday afternoon after she failed to show up for work at Alpharetta’s Loving Hands Animal Clinic. The dogs that she was caring for in her home were euthanized on Wednesday. It was unclear which dog killed Carey.


The cause of death was listed as neck and upper torso injuries consistent with dog bites, the website reports.

Neighbor Monica Cofer said the dogs had never shows [sic] any signs of aggression in the past.

I have no doubt some dog-lover will leave a silly comment such as "I have been taking care of abandoned dogs for 10 years and have not had even a little bite from hundreds of dogs."

Yes, Rebecca Carey could have left that exact comment on my blog shortly before being mauled to death by one or more of her rescued animals.

I am not opposed to rescuing abandoned dogs. But commonsense dictates that one keep these kinds of animals outside of one's home and in addition, wear the same protective gear that professionals do when handling any strange animal. And yes, protective gloves even for that cute, cuddly little kitten.

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