I Cannot Vote for Obama Again

Obama as Communist
Photo Credit: The Federalist

Back on the 4th of June 2008 I wrote that voting for President Barack H. Obama will make me Rich. Gold on that day was 883.50 per ounce and I predicted that electing a socialist moron like Obama to the US Presidency would drive the price of gold to $2,000 an ounce and make me a lot of money. Well, gold did get as high as 100 bucks shy of that $2,000 an ounce mark and did make me a lot of money.

Even though I want to vote for him again and make even more money, I just cannot do it anymore. I also assumed in that article that the American public would by 2012 realize what complete schmucks they were for ever voting for an anti-war, leftist President. I am actually shocked that more than half of this country is still so stupid that they would vote for him again.

Well, I voted for Romney today because another 4 years of Obama, even though it would make me even more money, will also make it very difficult for the country to get out of the grip of spongers and those who think the government is the solution to what ails this country. I made enough money, I think now it's time for the country to realize that the government is the problem.

I hope Romney wins. If he doesn't then I pity the poor and those struggling to find work because Obama will only make it worse for them. Me? I made enough money to live anywhere without ever working again.

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