13 Hot Turkish Women

I believe that years of oppression and abuse can make women unattractive and even ugly, for an example see my article The Difference Between Afghan and American Women. It is in that light that I made disparaging remarks about Turkish women ("Most Muslim women are not as pretty as western women...") in my article If Only Sarai Sierra Had Read My Blog She Would not be Missing in Turkey.

The operative words here are 'most' and 'Muslim.' To the extent that a Turkish woman does not live an Islamic life, to that extent her natural beauty can persist.

Here are 13 hot Turkish women that appear to have lived un-Islamic lives and therefor are still beautiful.

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Center Photo: #1 Hülya Avşar (born 10 Oct 1963) is a popular Turkish Actress, beauty pageant titleholder, businesswoman, columnist, fashion designer, magazine editor, professional tennis player, pop folk singer, and talk show host. I first mentioned Hülya in my 2007 article A Woman a Day keeps Anti-Semites Away.

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# 2 Sinem Kobal (born 14 Aug 1987) is a Turkish television and film actress.

# 3 Ece Gürsel (born 11 Dec 1982) is a Turkish model and singer.

# 4 Sebnem Schaefer (born 9 Feb 1984) is a German fashion model, actress and TV presenter. Her father is German and her mother Turkish.

# 5 Denize Akkaya (born 3 Aug 1977) is a Turkish fashion magazine editor, actress, and model.

# 6 Didem Erol (born 1 Oct 1975) is an Australian-born Turkish American actress, model, and TV host.

# 7 Beren Saat (born 26 Feb 1984) is a prominent Turkish actress.

# 8 Sıla Şahin (born 03 Dec 1985 ) is a Turkish-German actress of Turkish ethnic origin and is the first Turkish woman to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine.

# 9 Gamze Özçelik (born 26 Aug 1982) is a Turkish actress, model and TV hostess.

#10 Hadise Açıkgöz (born 22 Oct 1985) is a Belgian-Turkish singer.

#11 Aysun Kayacı (born 21 March 1981) is a former Turkish model, current actress and presenter.

#12 Tuba Büyüküstün (born 5 July 1982) is a Turkish model and actress.

#13 Berrak Tuzunatac (born 2 Nov 1984) is a Turkish model and actress.

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