Muslim Girls Gone Wild - Naked Under Abaya

three naked Muslim girls

I recently noted a number of visits to my blog with the search term "Muslim Naked Girls." And yes, they came from Muslim areas of the world. The article they landed on, Top 13 Posts to 18 November 2010, did not have any photos of Muslim naked girls and so I wondered if there were any such photos to be found on the Internet.

An image search on Google, Bing, and Yahoo using "Muslim Naked Girls" (and so safe search has to be off) reveals a raunchy collection, much of it porn, mostly of infidel women and some burqa-shopped naked white women such as the photo above (Warning clicking on image reveals larger, NSFW view).

Ironically, I did find three genuine Muslim girls who were naked; however it was only under their abayas. Here's the story (with a tip of the turban Hat Tip to Confessions of a Closet Republican):

Al Arabiya News, Police arrest three women in Kuwait for being naked under their abayas

naked under abayasShoppers in a shopping complex in Salmiya, Kuwait, were shocked when police arrived to arrest three young women who were found to be naked under their abayas.

According to police sources quoted in the Kuwaiti daily al-Rai, two of the women were from Gulf countries, whilst the third was a Kuwaiti; one was a minor.

The women were in a cafe in a popular shopping complex in Salmiya on January 22 when the women’s indiscretion was discovered by a small boy, who told his mother he had seen one of the women naked underneath her abaya. The abaya is a long flowing opaque cloak, traditionally black, worn over clothing in public by women.

What a strange people these Muslims. Aren't we all naked under our clothes? I suppose I was right all along - abayas, burqas, hijabs are not clothing, they are oppressive coverings over clothing, much as shackles are not clothing.

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