How To Hypnotize A Man

The following doohickey works somewhat like a GIF, with a minor but enchanting difference: clicking anywhere on the picture will start an unusual sequence of bouncing, distorted images. However let me make this warning: the photo, which displays a young woman's naked backside, is not safe for work and if you are easily offended you should not proceed any further.

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How to hypnotize a man

1. Left-click on the picture and drag in any direction;  2. Let go and prepare to be hypnotized.

I offer this amusing distraction for those of my readers who are tired of reading about our corrupt President and his anti-Tea Party IRS thugs, the Benghazi scandal, subpoenas of the Associated Press, harassing of a Fox News correspondent, the shakedown of private executives for “donations” to Obama's henchman, and Obama's latest act of cowardice: telling us it's time to drop the War on Terror.

Barack Obama's Scandals
Photo Credit: Mad Magazine

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