Islam Will Never Reform

I have many times maintained that the evils committed by Muslim extremists are not due to some misapplication of the instructions in the Qur'an but rather to its correct interpretation. Many Muslims would have us believe that only a teeny, tiny, infinitesimal fraction of Muslims believe in violent jihad or the stoning of women or the killing of apostate Muslims or in a world Caliphate; that it's just a handful of whacked-out tiny minority who have hijacked their religion.

As I wrote in my article 2013 And 1.5 Billion Souls Still Imprisoned Behind the Crescent Curtain, "[Muslims] ascribe any evils committed by fellow Muslims as done by outliers, people who are distorting the ideals of Islam."

But is it just outliers? A recent world-wide survey has found that a substantial minority of Muslims in many counties view attacks against civilians as a legitimate means to defending Islam against its enemies, believe in honor killings, that apostates should be executed, etc. - that's hundreds of millions of Muslims, not just a tiny fraction, believe in the same things as Muslim terrorists (1).

Some of my readers may pooh-pooh the significance of these high numbers by saying that the Muslims of Afghanistan and Pakistan may be excused for their opinions because they are poor and ignorant; I'm sure Liberals believe that 99% of the Muslims in America do not support terrorists. Ah, Liberals, wrong as usual: in the Pew Research poll cited above we discover that about one-third of Muslim Americans either hold a favorable view of al-Qaeda or are not convinced it's a even terrorist organization.

Moderate Muslims are a Threat

But let us ignore the polls and surveys - let us suppose that 99.999% of Muslims are just like you and me: let's suppose they don't believe in anything violent. Even if the vast majority of Muslims in our country never read the Qur'an and were brought up as decent human beings they would still be a threat to our way of life. Let me explain why this is so.

If there were no Muslims in America, there would be no hiding places for Muslim terrorists. No one to arm them, fund them, or help them carry out acts of destruction. The problem with moderate Muslims is that they are afraid of Islamic extremists and so the extremists control the community. This is the reason that you don't see thousands of moderate Muslims demonstrating against the actions of extremists. This is the reason that Islam, after 1400 years of slavery, tyranny, misogyny, stonings, amputations, beheadings, and other evils has not gone through a reformation. Those who suggest reform are usually killed.

2,000 years ago, Jewish lawmakers abrogated almost every brutal, savage, and draconian punishment in the Old Testament. Despite what you read in the Old Testament, since then, no Jew has been executed for not observing the Sabbath or for committing adultery or any other former Capital offense.

But Muslims will continue to execute their fellow Muslims who convert to Christianity for the next million years. They will continue to Honor kill their daughters, sisters, wives, and other female folk for adultery or suspicion of adultery. The reason is simple: the extremists accuse reformists of apostasy and usually kill them; for example, we recall the execution of Mahmoud Mohammed Taha (2) and the assassination of Farag Foda (3).

That nice, friendly, moderate Muslim coworker you see in your office; the nice, friendly, moderate Muslim filling your gas tank; the nice, friendly, moderate Muslim serving you coffee at the Dunkin Donuts, will one day be afraid to be nice, friendly, and moderate.

Things will only get worse in the Muslim world

Moderates will one day be forced to be devout. The devout will one day be forced to be extremists. As I wrote in my article Muslim Sexual Harassment in Egypt, "In 1958 no Egyptian women wore the veil and now ... the veil is 'worn by more than 89 percent of Egyptian women from the ages of 15 to 29.'" And Egypt is called a secular country?

Without a strong secular dictator, Muslim countries will only become more extreme. 40 years ago, women in Afghanistan could walk like human beings. Then devout Muslims took control of the country.

afghanistan 1972 - 2012

I fear for my grandchildren.


(1):, New Pew Research Center Study Examines Political and Social Beliefs of Muslims

A new global survey of Muslims by the Pew Research Center has found that Palestinian Arab Muslims polled the highest in favor of suicide bombings as a justifiable means “to defend Islam.”

Most Muslims reject suicide bombing and other attacks against civilians, but a substantial minority in many counties—including 40 percent in Palestine, 39 percent in Afghanistan, 26 percent in Bangladesh, 29 percent in Egypt, 15 percent in Jordan and 15 percent in Turkey—view attacks against civilians as a legitimate means to defending Islam against its enemies.


A majority of Muslims in Afghanistan (78%) and Iraq (76%) don’t believe in a woman's right to decide whether or not to veil her face and condone extra-judicial executions of women who allegedly have ‘shamed their families’ by engaging in premarital sex or adultery.


Pew found Muslims around the world overwhelmingly want sharia to become ‘ the official law of the land...’


Wikipedia, Mahmoud Mohammed Taha

Mahmoud Mohammed Taha, was a Sudanese religious thinker, leader, and trained engineer. He was executed for apostasy at the age of 76 by the regime of Gaafar Nimeiry.


On Jan 5, 1985 Taha was arrested for distributing pamphlets calling for an end to Shari'a law in Sudan. Brought to trial on January 7 he refused to participate. The trial lasted 2 hours with the main evidence being confessions that the defendants were opposed to Sudan's interpretation of Islamic law. The next day he was sentenced to death along with 4 other followers (who later recanted and were pardoned) for "heresy, opposing application of Islamic law, disturbing public security, provoking opposition against the government, and reestablishing a banned political party." The government forbade his unorthodox views on Islam to be discussed in public because it would "create religious turmoil..."


Wikipedia, Farag Foda

Farag Foda was an important Egyptian professor, writer, columnist, and human rights activist.


Based in Cairo, Foda was noted for his critical articles and trenchant satires about Islamic fundamentalism in Egypt. In many newspaper articles, he pointed out weak points in Islamist ideology. Shortly before he was assassinated, Foda had mocked an ongoing dispute among ulamas about sex in paradise. That discussion had ensued after Egypt's most popular preacher, Abd al-Hamid Kishk, had told "his audience that Muslims who entered paradise would enjoy eternal erections and the company of young boys draped in earrings and necklaces."

On 8 June 1992, Foda was shot to death after leaving his office by two Islamic fundamentalists.

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