The Difference Between the Mentally Ill and Muslims

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Muslim Dentist

There are people out there who hear voices from God commanding them to maim, torture, or murder someone (1), (2), (3) and actually go out to fulfill those commands believing them to be true. We call these people mentally ill and if we catch them, we lock them away for a long time so they cannot harm anyone again.

And then there are people out there who go out to maim, torture, or murder anyone who insults their God, their religion, their Prophet (or the prophet's wives or relatives) or their family. These people are called Muslims, but I call them mentally ill as well. Some of my readers may object that not all Muslims go out killing infidels. Yes, that's true - but not all people who hear the voice of God commanding them to kill actually do it, but they're still mentally ill.

Yes, even non-violent Muslims are mentally ill. As an example, in my article from 2011, Muslims Are Delusional, I repeated a comment from a Muslim visitor:

You morons who criticize Islam should remember that Islam is tolerant of other religions and promotes peace; also most of the charity for the poor and starving is provided by Muslims so shut up you morons. Also Christianity is a polytheistic religion.

Is there a group more delusional, more in need of therapy than Muslims who believe their religion is tolerant and promotes peace? As for their so-called Prophet, who can read of his life and not call him a murderous, Jew-hating, child-molesting, rapacious, violent, savage, barbaric, womanizing, and illiterate thug? Yet they hold him up as the model human being to be emulated.

There is a difference between the two types of mental illness. Those who hear voices telling them to kill are correctly called mentally ill and can be treated with drugs and therapy and be kept in places where they will not harm anyone. Muslims however are, for the most part, not correctly diagnosed as dangerous and subsequently are not treated with drugs and therapy and sadly are not kept away from the rest of society for our protection.

There are those in our country that believe we can treat Islamic illness with kindness, welfare, education scholarships, citizenship and all the other benefits our country has to offer and they will not place bombs in public places as in the case of the Tsarnaev brothers. I don't know which is crazier: believing that Muslims are no threat to western culture or having a tooth removed by a Muslim dentist.



Las Vegas Sun News, 25 Mar 2013, Court rejects appeal of man who claims God told him to kill his daughter

CARSON CITY — The Nevada Supreme Court on Monday rejected the appeal of Las Vegas killer William Redman, who maintained he was acting on orders from God when he stabbed his 12-year-old daughter to death.

Redman was found guilty of first-degree murder but mentally ill and was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for the stabbing of his daughter Gloria in their mobile home in March 2008.

When his wife, Rosemary, returned home the day of the killing, Redman told her he stabbed their daughter to save the world and that she would be resurrected in three days, according to court records.


The Arizona Republic News, 17 Apr 2012, Police: Man claims God ordered him to kill

Mesa police arrested a man Monday on suspicion of threatening his neighbors because God told him they were terrorists and needed to be dealt with.

Police say Richard Thomas Hess, 42, told officers his neighbors were trying to kill him with poisonous gas.

Hess said God told him to kill the neighbors because they are terrorists, court documents say.

(3):, 13 Mar 2013, Man says God told him to kill state trooper

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – A search warrant filed in Chesterfield Circuit Court in connection with the shooting death of Virginia State Master Trooper J.A. Walker revealed some details into the mindset of the accused killer.

After his capture, Russell Brown told state police that God told him to shoot and kill Walker, according to the court document. Brown also turned to the interviewing trooper and said that the trooper was the next to die.

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