13 Reasons Women Should Not Wear a Burqa

In response to my article Muslim Bitch Imane Boudlal Sues Disney over Hijab, reader yasmin from Cairo, Egypt left the following comment:

how could wearing a hijab be harmful? it's just her lifestyle and people have to accept and by that article you're being a religion racist. you're no one to judge people for their believes!

So for poor deluded yasmin, who thinks there's nothing wrong or harmful in wearing a hijab, I offer the following 13 reasons women should not wear a hijab or burqa.

  1. It can be deadly while cooking.

    A few months ago a Muslim woman died in her kitchen after her hijab caught fire on a gas cooker (1). It was the third time her scarf had caught fire while cooking in two years. I suppose it's true: the third time's a harm.

    Anyway, why was this woman wearing a headscarf inside her home?

  2. You cannot Enter places where your identity is masked.

    Banks are now realizing what a security threat it is to allow anyone to enter a bank wearing a burqa.

    Similarly entering a courthouse wearing one is now rightly deemed a security problem (2). If they allow hijabs in courtrooms, dangerous well-known criminals will use that method to get close to judges for vengeance.

  3. driving with a niqab
    Photo Credit: HuffPost
    It Causes Traffic Accidents.

    One of the reasons that Saudi Arabia does not allow women to drive is that driving a car is not safe with the face veiled. Since a woman cannot remove her veil in public, allowing woman to drive would lead to accidents. Which of course is true.

    If women in Saudi Arabia want to get the right to drive, they first have to get the right to be in public without covering their face and obscuring their vision. It will also help if their hearing isn't muffled so they can hear if an emergency vehicle is coming from another direction.

  4. You May Be Spat upon Because You look Like our Enemy.

    We are at war with Islam. Why are you wearing the symbols that identify you as a Muslim? I do not condone spitting on or abusing Muslim women because they are wearing a veil, as stupid as doing that may be, but one must realize that some people will be antagonized to violence (3) by the sight of Muslim garb because of Islamic attacks against us.

    What would you say to a person who dons a KKK cloak, takes a walk in Harlem, and subsequently gets his ass kicked? Tell the truth, would you say there is no justification for black youths to be so offended as to injure such a person or would you rightly say, "What an idiot - he shouldn't be wearing clothing that he knows is offensive."

    Muslim men are to blame. A Muslim husband, if he loved his wife or daughter should be telling her that for her safety, she should go out in public without a veil so as not to draw attention to herself.

    In the coming years there will be more and more Muslim attacks and things will only become much worse for hijab-wearing women in western countries. To be safe you should wear clothing according to the norms of the society you live in.

  5. It Causes Migraines.

    National Post, Afsun Qureshi: Six secular reasons to ban the burka

    One of my hijab-wearing friends always sported a permanent scowl and pinched face. When she took it off, I complimented her on her youthful and beautiful looks: “Nah, I’m the same — just pain free. No matter how tightly or how loosely I tied it, it always gave me a headache."

  6. It Makes You Fat.

    By never needing to get into fitted clothes or be worried how you look to others, it's easy to gain a lot of weight (4).

  7. Communication is Degraded.

    It's hard for a veiled woman to hear anything (5) and difficult for others to hear what you say.

  8. Veiled Women are more likely to have vitamin D deficiency.

    Many studies indicate that as many as 90% of Muslim women who wear burqas and veils suffer from severe and chronic vitamin D deficiency (6).

    This is what happens when wearing religious garb is considered more important than health.

  9. Wearing the Veil Actually Invites Sexual Harassment.

    Although veiled women like to tout the nonsense that dressing modestly discourages attention from males, the truth is that it increases attention from males wondering what's underneath the hood. See my article The Myth that Veiling Protects Women from Assault.

  10. It Causes Heat Stroke.

    Intelligent people know that the skin needs to breathe (7) but Muslim women, as most Muslims, are less intelligent than non-Muslims, do not know this. What kind of moron goes out in the hot sun with her body completely covered from head to toe?

  11. It is Deadly at Theme Parks

    In 2010, a young Muslim mother was strangled to death at an Australian amusement park when her hijab got tangled in a go-kart wheel.

    The woman was warned not to wear the headdress but because the park owners were afraid to insult Muslims, they declined to insist on the matter. This is what happens when wearing religious garb is cosidered more important than safety.

  12. Burqas Keep women from Reaching Full Potential in Sports.

    As I wrote in my article Difference between Islamic and Infidel Sport Stars, the only way Muslim women can be truly good at sports is to remove their hijabs.

  13.  iconic photo of Che Guevara
    Photo Credit: Wikipedia
    It is a Symbol of Your Oppression.

    There are clueless young people in our society who sport Che Guevara tee-shirts completely oblivious to the fact that their revolutionary hero was a brutal, vicious, vile, evil murderer responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of poor souls.

    In a similar manner there are clueless Muslim women who are wholly unaware that wearing a hijab is a method which Muslim men use to subjugate their women.

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UK Daily Mail Online, 12 Apr 2013, Mother, 67, dies after hijab catches fire on a gas hob: She had been injured three times before in similar accidents

Mrs Khan, 67, was cooking at her home in Burton, Staffordshire on September 23 when the headscarf she wore as a Muslim woman came into contact with a gas hob.


Mr Dugmore revealed that it was thought Mrs Khan's headscarf had caught fire three times while she was cooking during the two years before her death. 'She would extinguish it with her hands or by moving to the sink,' he said.


19 Action News|Cleveland, OH, Georgia Muslims Barred From Court Because of Hijab

a Muslim woman was jailed today following a dispute over whether she could enter the courtroom while wearing her hijab.

According to the woman's husband, she was seeking to enter the courtroom in Douglasville, Ga., to deal with a matter related to a nephew's traffic citation. After she walked through the security area, a bailiff allegedly told her she would not be permitted to enter the courtroom wearing her religiously mandated scarf. Frustrated at being prevented from entering the court, the woman reportedly uttered an expletive and sought to leave the area. As she attempted to leave, the bailiff reportedly handcuffed her and took her to the judge's chambers where she was sentenced to 10 days in jail for "contempt."


Boston.com, Malden woman attacked by man accusing Muslims of Marathon bombings

[As Heba Abolaban and her baby daughter] strolled down Commercial Street, an angry-faced man charged toward the petite woman, his hand balled into a fist. He punched her hard in the shoulder and screamed curses inches from her face. Then he pointed at her and walked away shouting.

“He said, ‘(Expletive) you. (Expletive) you Muslims, You are terrorists, you are the ones who made the Boston explosion,’” said Abolaban, recalling the episode in a phone interview Thursday. “I was really, really completely shocked. I didn’t know what to do. Then I realized what happened. I was crying and crying.”

Abolaban, a 26-year-old physician who wears a traditional hijab, or head scarf, gripped the stroller carrying her nine-month old daughter and stood in shock. Soon, she and her friend, also pushing a baby stroller, burst into tears.


outlookindia.com, Parde Ke Peechhe Kya Hai...

A fit Muslim womanShe is 25-year-old Farhad Rafe, and while she doesn't look overweight, her aim is to look shapely and toned: "I weigh 56 kg and I'm beginning to get flabby. I want to be 50 kg." Mother of a small baby, Farhad lives in a joint family. She is as religious about her exercises as she is about her namaaz, and never misses a single day at the gym. "Farhad is shaping up really fast," says gym in-charge Anuradha Chak approvingly.

Farhad is one of an ever-increasing number of young women from conservative Muslim families in Lucknow who have got the fitness craze—they want to look good under their hijab.

... veiled Muslim women are coming to their centres in increasing numbers, though their numbers vary from centre to centre—from 15 to 35 per cent. But in effect, every tenth woman getting registered at a gym, aerobics or yoga class in Lucknow arrives clad in a burqa.


UK Daily Mail Online, My week wearing a burka: Just a few yards of black fabric, but it felt like a prison

Getting out of said cab, a passing decorator opened the door and grabbed my shopping – a burka makes you clumsy, slow, fearful because you can’t hear, and helpless; I spent most of the week feeling like a disabled person.


UK Daily Mail Online, Women in hijabs 'need sunlight or risk illness'

Muslim women who wear the hijab are at risk of serious illness because they do not get enough sun, doctors have warned.

They said an alarming number of women who cover their skin are suffering bone deficiencies over a lack of vitamin D.

Most of the body's vitamin D - which prevents rickets - is obtained through sunlight acting on the skin. Only a little comes from food.

Doctors told a London conference today that people with dark pigment are at risk because of "cultural reasons" and because they are less efficient at producing the vitamin.

The bone disorder rickets has now broken out in young Muslim children as babies are not getting enough calcium from mothers' breast milk.


"Studies have shown low vitamin D levels in Asian women [Brits use the word Asian to designate Muslims from Pakistan and India - Bernie] in the UK - particularly among those who cover most of their skin for cultural reasons."

The problem first came to light in Bradford, which has one of the highest Muslim populations in Britain.

Community leaders and doctors will today warn a conference in Acton that women in London are also in danger of passing vitamin deficiencies to their children. The Department of Health project - called Healthy Start - comes after studies show Muslim children lack vitamin D.


Truth Be Known News, Muslim Women, Vitamin D and Osteomalacia

... covered women are deprived of fresh air on their skin, which is the body's largest organ. Hence, the skin is not given the opportunity to breathe adequately. Furthermore, the color of choice in covering up women because of "religious" purposes is often black and sometimes blue, undoubtedly creating much sweltering and heat stroke in the very hot regions in which this clothing is traditionally worn.

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