13 Muslim Bumper Stickers

We the People: Don’t Believe The Liberal Media and so we’ve determined Not (To Be) Silent Anymore. We the People: Tell The Truth and are proud to say We Salute Our Troops and as Proud 9.12ER(s) we demand that our government Cut Spending Now, institute a FairTax plan, and, as well, Stop Obamacare. We the People: supported Ted Cruz, so it ought not shock you that we were for Allen West for President in 2012. Nevertheless, We The People: Are Ready To Defend (Our) Country Against (Our) Government! We The People: request Please Watch Glen Beck.

Photo Credit: Legal Insurrection

One of my constant readers, M.H., hearing I was in Florida for the past two weeks, sent me this image of this car in Sanford, Florida.

Americans are not the only ones who use bumper stickers to advance their political views. Consider the following 13 Muslim bumper stickers:

  1. Keep honking. I am rewiring.

  2. 0 to KABOOM in .2 seconds.

  3. 72 Virgins or Bust!

  4. In case of Jihad this car will be exploded

  5. Martyrs do it like it's their last time

  6. Baby Terrorist On Board

  7. Honk if you Beat your Wife

  8. A terrorist is my co-pilot

  9. After I pray, I slay.

  10. If you can read this, there's a car bomb in the trunk.

  11. Proud parent of Suicide Bomber!

  12. This vehicle makes wide right turns into buildings

  13. My 12-year-old can blow up your honor student

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