13 Unimportant Facts About Sex

None of the following 13 unimportant facts about sex will change your life; likewise I doubt it will it make you a better lover. But like many useless facts found on the Internet, they are still interesting. I hope they bring a smile to your face even for a few minutes since Obama has made it almost impossible to smile about our economy and the socialist direction our government is heading

13 Strange Sex Facts 56% of men have had sex at work.

I can only imagine where they do this. Makes you want to spray Lysol on workbenches and desks, eh? Now that I think about it, I never addressed this issue in my Employment Manual, although I would hope they would only do it during one of the two 20-minute rest periods. Is 20 minutes enough? According to #7 below, yes.

13 Strange Sex Facts

Yes, more women talk dirty during sex than men (1).

13 Strange Sex Facts

I wish I knew this (2) when I was younger, "Excuse me young lady, can you help me relieve my stuffy nose?"

13 Strange Sex Facts

So how do women prove to the court that their husbands are impotent? More importantly, how can a guy offer a counter-proof in court? Or as Eve said when her eyes first alighted upon Adam, "Wow, that's a hard one."

13 Strange Sex Facts

Well, if only 17% of women are likely to have an orgasm during sex, it's probably due to #7. If a man stops when he climaxes then that's probably why women are talking dirty in #2.

13 Strange Sex Facts

Although the average man will ejaculate 18 quarts in his life, I estimate that I have gone through more than 100 quarts (assuming 5 ml of ejaculate per sexual instance). I feel so much lighter now.

13 Strange Sex Facts

I like to wait until the woman is ready.

13 Strange Sex Facts

Smallest erect penis: 1 cm ? Reminds me of a tiny penis joke I heard in the third grade:

Lucky Erection

Three guys are stranded on a desert island, when a genie appears and gives them one chance to save themselves. He whips out his 20 inch penis and says, "If the size of all three of your penises combined matches or exceeds the length of mine, I'll let you free."

The first guy laughs and slaps out his 10 incher, quickly followed by the second guy who impressively whips out his 9 inch pud.

They both look at the third guy, who happens to be a tiny Chinese guy, both very sure they will be set free. They urge the Chinese man to get it out, but he refuses.

A minute later, the Chinese guy pulls down his trousers to reveal a one-inch penis. The two guys and the genie are surprised, but the genie lets them free.

On the way out, the first guy boasts, "You're lucky mine is 10 inches. I saved you."

The second guy responds, "Yeah, but without my 9 incher, we'd have been gonners."

The Chinese guy then proudly says, "Well you're lucky I had enough time to get an erection."

13 Strange Sex Facts

A test I took a while back predicted I would live until 97 although I wasn't asked about my sex life..

13 Strange Sex Facts

I can understand why, chocolate would make it harder to make sure you are not eating anything unpleasant.

13 Strange Sex Facts

Reminds me of the joke:

It's for your headache

A husband walks into the bedroom holding two aspirin and a glass of water.
His wife asks: "What's that for?"
"It's for your headache."
"I don't have a headache."
He replies, "Gotcha!"

13 Strange Sex Facts

Sadly it's just a coincidence. In real life most of those tweets are death threats by liberals against conservatives.

13 Strange Sex Facts

So when you hear a woman say, "Men are just like pigs!" Tell her, "No, sadly they aren't."

Images courtesy of Removing Genital Warts; and no, I don't have genital warts, I was just surfing for strange facts to use as fodder for a Thursday 13 post [#94].



Good in Bed, Are Women More Sexually Adventurous than Men?

After surveying 3,100 people, we found that women were significantly more likely than men to have engaged in a wider variety of sexually adventurous activities, such as talking dirty during sex and sharing their sexual fantasies with their partners. Do women feel pressured to play the sex kitten these days, or is there something more at play?

"I think that times have changed (and continue to change) and women are becoming more and more comfortable being sexually expressive and adventurous with their partners," says Kristen Mark, MS, a Ph.D. candidate and Survey Director for Good in Bed.


Best Health, 10 reasons why sex is good medicine

Sex is a natural antihistamine. It can help combat asthma and hay fever. No one ever gets a stuffy nose during lovemaking.

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