13 Reasons to Breastfeed

I know that the issue of whether to breast- or bottle-feed is contentious with many new mothers; however, unless breastfeeding becomes too painful, dangerous, or uncomfortable for the mother no baby should be bottle fed.

Although there are more than 613 breastfeeding health benefits for mother and child, here are just 13 reasons to breastfeed:

  1. It provides immunity against several diseases (1).

  2. It is always available as needed.

  3. It is free.

  4. It is hygienic - no need to sterilize.

  5. It is the perfect formula for the child - no mixing of formula milk (2).

  6. It is always the right temperature. No squeezing drops of formula on your wrist to test for over-heating.

  7. It bonds the child to mother, and vice versa.

  8. It prevents over-feeding. Breastfed babies are less likely to become obese (3).

  9. The uterus of a breast-feeding mother contracts and returns to its original position sooner than in a non-breastfeeding mother (4).

  10. Breastfeeding helps a child develop a normal face and jaw palate (5).

  11. Acts as a laxative for the newborn.

  12. It can help prevent SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome (6).

  13. And most importantly: It comes in two attractive containers.

I was a breastfed baby.

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UK Daily Mail Online, The great breast or bottle debate

New evidence shows that breast-fed babies are 80 per cent less likely to be admitted to hospital for intestinal infections, and are less likely to suffer from ear and respiratory infections, diabetes and allergies.


UK Daily Mail Online, The great breast or bottle debate

A mother's milk will initially contain colostrum, which gives a baby the perfect amount of protein, minerals and antibodies until their immune system is built up.


UK Daily Mail Online, Breast-fed babies 'less likely to get fat'

Babies who are breastfed for the first six months are less likely to become obese in later life, according to scientists.

The startling research suggests that weight problems in adulthood could be the result of over-feeding with baby milk formulas in the first months of life.


Nursing Nurture, Breastfeeding Myths

Breastfeeding helps moms to lose their baby weight quicker. Every time a new mom nurses, her uterus contracts and returns to its original size faster. On average, breastfeeding moms have returned to their pre-pregnancy weight by 6-9 months postpartum – just through nursing! Nursing allows moms to eat more and burn more calories, all while sitting and nursing her precious baby.


Nursing Nurture, Breastfeeding Myths

Not only are breasts the original baby soother they are good for so much more than just active milk transfer. Breasts are a healthy pacifier, comforter, cuddle, and breastfeeding helps develop a normal face and jaw palate.


American Academy of Pediatrics, 14 Mar 2011, Breastfeeding and Reduced Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A Meta-analysis

Breastfeeding is protective against SIDS, and this effect is stronger when breastfeeding is exclusive. The recommendation to breastfeed infants should be included with other SIDS risk-reduction messages to both reduce the risk of SIDS and promote breastfeeding for its many other infant and maternal health benefits.

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