13 Muslims You Have Never Heard About

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In my article Top 13 Boys Names for 2007 I mentioned half a dozen names of Arabic fellows that my readers may not have heard about. In response, reader M.H. sent me an email asking if I knew any more such fellows.

I am always willing to oblige my loyal readers, so here are 13 names of camel-humpers that are constantly ignored by the mainstream media in this country:

  1. Grabdi Booubi
  2. Hei Des Salaami
  3. U Bin Fartin
  4. Ai Mustaka a Sheete
  5. Awana Fouqyah
  6. Usuqa Madeek
  7. Ai Leeqa Hirboush
  8. I-Zheet M'Drurz
  9. Yul Strokheet Al-wauch
  10. Apoul Madeek-Aoud
  11. Muh'Balz Es-Hari
  12. Yura Kamal Fuqar
  13. Izzat Urdeek N'ma-Hass

Some of the above names of dune-coons are courtesy of SNL with Robert De Niro:

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