My Wife Needed a Good Spanking After Making a Math Mistake

professor spanking young female for failing math test
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When my father was a child in the early 1900s, most men believed spanking their wives was sometimes appropriate. Today in America, even if many husbands would like to spank their wives, it would be a mistake to admit it publicly and they would no doubt be arrested if they tried. Of course, in Muslim countries things are no different than they were 1400 years ago, see my article Is wife beating really allowed in Islam?

In this photo we see a young female student being spanked with a slide-rule for having failed her college math test. A long time ago teachers were allowed to spank students.

In early 2007 I wrote an article (Young Children Should never be spanked) in which I explained why I was in favor of the government banning the spanking of children. Today I updated that article with the following:

Sadly, in a recent Harris Online Poll, the majority of Americans still mistakenly believe spanking kids is ok:

Harris Interactive, 26 Sep 2013, Four in Five Americans Believe Parents Spanking Their Children is Sometimes Appropriate

To spank or not to spank? It's an age old question that every parent must face. Some parents may start off with the notion that "I will never spank my child!" - but does that hold up? Not really, as eight in ten Americans (81%) say that parents spanking their children is sometimes appropriate, while 19% believe it is never appropriate. Among those with a child in the household, almost eight in ten (78%) believe that spanking is sometimes appropriate. Interestingly, in 1995 (the last time The Harris Poll asked this question) 87% of Americans believed that spanking was sometimes appropriate - so this has gone down slightly.

Perhaps in another generation the spanking of children will be viewed as just as morally wrong as a husband spanking his wife or a professor tanning a young ladies bottom.

Oh, and I never spanked my wife. If I ever did, you'd have to call me lefty.

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