13 Top Muslim Countries that are `Worst Violators of Religious Freedom`

persecution of Christians
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Here is a newsflash for most clueless Americans and Europeans: There's no difference between Islam and the supremacist political/military systems one finds in Burma, China, North Korea, and Vietnam.

Last year, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) which cites countries that are least tolerant of religious freedom, released its 2013 Annual Report [PDF].

The 371-page report details human rights violations against Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Baha'is, etc. by governments which have perpetrated systematic and egregious human rights violations such as torture, harassment, intimidation, discrimination, arrests, and imprisonment against these and other religious minorities.

Interestingly, and not surprising to me is that thirteen out of the top 17 countries with the worst religious freedom abuses are those with significant Muslim populations:

Evil Country% Muslim
1 Afghanistan99.8
2 Azerbaijan98.4
3 Egypt94.7
4 Eritrea36.5
5 Iran99.7
6 Iraq98.9
7 Nigeria47.9
North Korea<0.1
8 Pakistan96.4
9 Saudi Arabia97.1
10 Sudan71.4
11 Tajikistan99.0
12 Turkmenistan93.3
13 Uzbekistan96.5

Muslim Population percentages [as of 2011] courtesy of the Pew Research Center.

One may complain that Eritrea (36.5%) and Nigeria (47.9%) are not Muslim majority countries. I say give them time. Nonetheless, Islam is the dominant religion in both countries.

The report is given to the President of the United States who is supposed to make recommendations to the State Department about actions to take against such abusers of religious freedom, but since Obama is an Islamic ass-kisser and since more than three-quarters of the worst offenders are Muslim dominated countries, he will do as he always does in matters of foreign policy: nothing.

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