Mass Deportations - The Solution to the Palestinian Problem

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Sometimes the only way to stop a gangrenous appendix from destroying one's entire body is simply to cut it out. Let's all admit it, Gaza is a festering, gangrenous, rotting, dangerous infestation that threatens to destroy Israel - see photo above.

If Israel were any other country, the number of non-combatants killed would have been many more times than the number of missile launchers destroyed. That is, when Israel destroys a missile launcher, it takes great pains to avoid killing innocent Palestinians by dropping leaflets, texting warning messages to their cellphones, and dropping pre-bombs. The fact is, the Israeli Army is the Most Moral in History of Warfare.

My readers who have followed the tactics of Hamas know full well that the majority of Palestinian deaths are caused either by Hamas itself through direct murder, or by Hamas not allowing Palestinian civilians to escape affected areas after Israel warns them to leave, or Hamas friendly fire or staged deaths, or are previously murdered bodies being recycled.

The Majority of Deaths in Gaza are Soldiers

In the January 2009 fight with Hamas, 75% of the hundreds killed turned out to be Hamas soldiers. How were the Israeli Defense Forces able to get such a high precision rate of soldiers versus civilians killed? The answer is rather simple: the guy standing in the shelter of women and children is the soldier.

But let us admit the truth, unless Israel physically moves the entirety of Gaza somewhere else, say to Africa, this situation will not get resolved for centuries. Israel spends about 14 billion dollars a year on defense - almost twice the percentage of GDP as America spends. 71 years from now Gazans will still be shelling Israeli cities from daycare facilities, schools, hospitals and other places that will guarantee the maximum number of women and children killed and in that time Israel will have spent a trillion dollars defending itself.

It will be cheaper for Israel to build an entire city somewhere in Africa complete with shops, markets, apartment buildings, offices, etc. and move everyone in Gaza there. If you have a fruit market in Gaza, you will be given a fruit market in New Gaza and likewise for other businesses. I should mention that New Gaza should be more than a missile launch distance away from any major Israeli city. Eventually the New Gazans, without checkpoints, travel restrictions, tunnel building, and blockades will settle down to living as normal human beings and leave Israel alone.

For the sake of Palestinian women and children, Israel should resettle all of Gaza somewhere else. It is the only humanitarian thing to do.

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