Mathematical Proof That Israel Does Not Target Civilians

So far, for the past 31 days, the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict, known as Operation Protective Edge, has cost Israel about one billion dollars (1). During that same period, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs documented 1,814 Palestinians killed; of which 53% or almost 1,000 were civilian deaths (2).

There are idiots on this planet who believe that Israel purposely starts these fights just so it can wipe out every Palestinian in Gaza. But think about this: it shouldn't take advanced math skills to figure out that Israel has shelled out (pun intended) about a million dollars for each civilian killed. That means it will cost Israel $1.816 trillion dollars to entirely destroy Gaza, or about 129 years of its annual military spending.

After one month and one billion dollars, Israel only got rid of less than one-thousandth of Gaza's population? Does that sound like Israel's goal in these operations is to decimate the Gazan population?

Now we all know that it's common perception among Gentiles that Jews are cheap. If not cheap, then thrifty. If not thrifty, then at least economical, so it doesn't make sense that Israel would purposely and intentionally spend one million dollars to kill a single Palestinian when it would be absolutely more economical to fly them to Fiji and pay for their room and board for the rest of their lives.

flying Muslims to Fiji
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For 1/10th of what they now spend on Gaza peace-keeping operations, they could remove every Gazan a safe distance away from Israel. Why Fiji? Hamas does not have rockets that can reach Israel from Fiji.

Some of my readers will ask: "Bernie, what makes you think any Gaza resident will want to live in Fiji?"

My answer: if Gaza is such a hellhole, why wouldn't they want to leave? But if Gaza is a better paradise than Fiji, then what are Palestinians fighting over?



Haaretz, 15 Jul 2014, Gaza conflict reportedly costing Israel $32 million a day

“Protective Edge isn’t a low-cost operation, because there’s no such thing as a cheap military operation. But there’s no price we won’t pay for the citizens of Israel,” Finance Minister Yair Lapid told a meeting of his Yesh Atid party Monday as Israel’s offensive marked its seventh day.

The finance minister didn’t cite any numbers, but sources in Jerusalem estimated the daily cost at 110 million shekels ($32.1 million). They said the army would be seeking extra allocations when the fighting is over to cover the costs, presumably on top of the 3 to 5 billion shekels of additional spending they were seeking before fighting with Hamas broke out.


Reuters, Israel says has evidence 47 percent of Gaza dead were combatants

Israel has evidence that almost half of Palestinians killed in the 25-day-old Gaza war were combatants, its deputy foreign minister said on Saturday, pushing back against international allegations of a lopsidedly heavy civilian death toll.


"There is research being done in the military, very professionally and reliably, (whose) conclusion is that at least 47% of the fatalities are terrorists, with photographs and names," Tzachi Hanegbi told Israel's Channel Two television, adding that the data would be presented to investigators.

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