The Difference Between Camel Toe and Moose Knuckle

In response to my archived copy of Different Words for Vagina, one of my readers disagreed with the entry for "moose knuckle" saying it refers to the outline of male genitalia when wearing tight pants.

Actually "moose knuckle" can refer to both sexes: an extremely large outline of the vulva for female usage or the outline of a man's penis/testicles for male usage.

The plural "moose knuckles" specifically refers to the outline of a male's genitalia or, in rare cases, a group of women who each sport a gigantic "moose knuckle."

I have since amended the article to make note of the plural usage.

The vulvular outline of a normal woman is called either a cameltoe (see my article 13 Cameltoe Photos), a frontal wedgie, or a ninja shoe.

For those of my readers who cannot visualize the difference between a camel-toe and a moose-knuckle, this will illustrate clearly:

difference between camel-toe and mooseknuckle

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