13 Deadly Diseases - Islam is Third

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Taking its name from the Ebola River, near which the disease first appeared in 1976, the virus is transmitted from person to person via direct contact with bodily fluids. Symptoms include muscle pain, weakness, and high fever. It has a fatality rate of 90 percent.
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I made a mistake. When I make a mistake, I admit it. In last Monday's article Ebola Trivia Questions, I made the assertion that Islam is world's deadliest disease. A reader from Texas sent me an email disputing that assertion. After a brief investigation it became clear that I was terribly wrong. Islam is not the world's deadliest disease. It is the world's third most deadly disease.

Here are 13 deadly diseases, many of them preventable with swift and certain action:

  1. Tuberculosis: An ancient disease, modern estimates place the number of individuals infected with TB at about one-third of the world's population although the morbidity rate is low, only 1 to 2 million die each year from the active form of the disease. Notwithstanding the current low rate of death, the number of deaths attributed to the disease over the millennia number in the high hundreds of millions. It may be interesting to note that the highest incidences of TB today are in Muslim countries.
  2. Smallpox: In ancient times, a most feared disease killing almost one-third of those infected. Estimates place the number of deaths at 500 million until it was virtually eradicated in 1977.
  3. Islam: In ancient times, a most feared disease. After a carrier enters a region or country, it's only a matter of time before everyone becomes infected, that is, becomes Muslim. At one time, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Africa, and fifty other nations were filled completely with Christians, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Buddhists, and non-Muslims. Today, many once Muslim-minority countries are now sadly 100% Muslim-only countries. It is estimated that since Mohammed first started lopping off heads that his followers have slaughtered more than 300 million souls.
  4. The Bubonic Plague: From the reign of emperor Justinian I until 1350 it is estimated to have killed 250 million people. Sorry Bubonic Plague, Islam is deadlier than you are.
  5. Cholera: Since it became widespread in the 19th century, cholera has killed tens of millions of people.
  6. The Spanish Flu of 1918: It lasted only a year yet killed between 50 and 100 million people.
  7. Malaria: Hundreds of millions of cases each year, Malaria has taken tens of millions of lives.
  8. HIV: More than 25 million people have died of Aids since 1981.
  9. Yellow Fever: The disease has been around for at least 400 years and has killed millions.
  10. Measles: around since Roman times, it has killed millions.
  11. Influenza: although it has a very low morbidity rate, the flu has killed millions over the decades.
  12. Typhoid Fever: at one time a deadly disease, modern sanitation and hygiene have stopped the disease that killed millions. A notable fatality was Wilbur Wright, the older of the two Wright Brothers, who died of typhoid on May 30, 1912.
  13. Ebola: 160,000 Deaths since 2000. Although it hasn't yet had a chance to kill millions, it's scarier than other diseases because of its almost 90% death rate. Many blame its current spread on the funeral practices of Muslims (1).

That a few of these diseases no longer kill millions is because we recognized the threat and took action against them. Until the world recognizes the threat posed by Islam, many millions more will suffer or die.

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Conservative Tribune, BREAKING: Muslims Could be Spreading Ebola Already...The Reason Why is Disturbing

You certainly won’t hear this news from Washington or its media lackeys (goodness no, it’s not politically correct). So here it is: Islamic burial rituals are contributing to the Ebola outbreak.

According to AINA, a great many Ebola victims are Muslim (some 73% of Sierra Leone’s population, 85% of Guinea’s, and 13% of Liberia’s), and what Muslims do with their dead could be part of the reason why health officials are having such trouble containing the disease in West Africa.

According to Sharia law, when a Muslim dies, relatives of the deceased wash the body in a bathing ritual known as Ghusl, but not before compressing the abdomen to rid the body of any fluids still therein. A dead body must be washed in order for it to be considered pure and thus make a successful ascent to Paradise. Once the body has been purged of remaining fluids and bathed thoroughly, relatives cover it in a linen shroud.


Even a World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson agreed, “Funerals and washing dead bodies in West African countries have led, to a great extent, to spread the disease.”

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