Autumn and 13 Things Orange

We're a few weeks into fall 2014 and I'm enjoying the orange colors of this season. Here for my readers who enjoy the life we have in western civilization are 13 things with shades of Autumn that are not celebrated by most of the followers of Islam who only enjoy the black of hijab.

Now what do fall colors have to do with Islam, you may ask? Well, if you check some of the questions that Muslims ask their imams, collecting stamps, displaying rocks & minerals, owning tropical fish, and watching sunsets are not Islamic because they waste time and do not further the cause of Islam; and worse - participating in infidel activities is haaram or forbidden.

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Legend & Photo Credits:

  1. Sunsets, especially the sunset over the hills of Safed - Wikimedia
  2. 1/2 Cent Stamp, as a child I fell in love with the colors of stamps - 1/2 Cent Benjamin Franklin Stamp .
  3. Creamsicles, I loved these as a child, but now I can't find them unless they're sugar-free - CHEESESLAVE
  4. Life preservers - the old kind - Albany Kid Family Travel
  5. Mashed Yams, enjoy not only the color but the taste and smell - The Scent Of Oranges
  6. Log Fire, is there anything more relaxing than a crackling fireplace? - Flickr-User Caroline Lenharo
  7. Candy Corn, although voted as one of the 9 most hated Halloween treats, I still like them; I start by chewing off the top and working my way down - HuffPost
  8. Carnelian, as a child I collected rocks and Carnelian was one of my favorites, especially when shining a light under the stone - Greenwoman
  9. Goldfish, as a child I bred goldfish - Flickr-User Maure Briggs-Carrington
  10. Gerbera Daisies, even in the spring they look like autum flowers - Flickr-User Scott
  11. Scarlett Johansson in fall colors, ummmmmmmm, Planck's Constant
  12. Carrots, are they sexy or what? - Flickr-User Darshan-Shah
  13. And finally navel oranges, not only tasty to the palate but sweet to the eye as well - Flickr-User dwayne miras

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