How Not to Give CPR

wrong cpr
There is one thing wrong in this picture - can you spot it?
Photo Credit: Fortnight Lingerie

Almost a year ago I came across a Youtube link on the blog Apropos of Nothing which, although in reality was a promotional video for Fortnight Lingerie, seems to be an accurate tutorial on administering CPR. I viewed the sexy video and thought nothing of it at the time simply because I was uninformed regarding actual CPR practices.

However, a few months ago I became certified in CPR, and for no reason other than that the 17th of March is International Touch a Boob Day (but don't go touching strange breasts without being asked - it's all about Breast Cancer Awareness) I recalled the video and viewed it again, but this time with the trained eye of a certified CPR practitioner. Look at the video and tell me if you can spot the one glaring inaccuracy in the piece:

YouTube, Fortnight Lingerie - Super Sexy CPR - Clip promotionnel

Give up? It's the bra. In real life the person administering CPR would remove the bra to prevent metal hooks or underwires from puncturing the skin or sternum during compressions. Just FYI.

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