I Like Carly - I Like Trump

Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina
Photo Credit: People Magazine

My dream scenario for waking up on 9 November 2016, the day after the next Presidential election is to see either Carly Fiorina or Donald Trump elected to be the 45th President of the United States. An extra treat for my dream would be to see Hillary Clinton in jail for mishandling of classified information, a felony in violation of Title 18 U.S. Code ยง 798 along with a dozen other statutes which would disqualify her from running or holding any Federal Office ever again.

Some of my readers may ask why I like Trump. The answer is simple: for years and years and years I have listened to politicians pledging to fix the tax system, to curb illegal immigration or a myriad of other broken problems in our country. I'm tired of promises from politicians. But, you may ask, "Isn't Trump promising to do this or that?" No, my friend, Trump is not promising anything at all, he's threatening to do this or that. And a threat from Trump can be taken to the bank.

As for Carly, she likewise is not a politician and knows how to run a business. And the biggest business in the world is America, Incorporated.

It's time to have a businessperson running our country.

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