When The Messiah Comes Every Jew Will Have 2800 Slaves.

Brazilian and West Indies slavery trade
Actually, Jews are Missing from the Historical Record of the Brazilian and West Indies Slave Trade
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I have previously debunked a number of Talmudic fake quotes that purport to show that Jews view non-Jews as animals or sub-humans in a series of articles here.

In response to my article Muslims Did Not Invent Algebra, reader Jo Syphus left this comment:

of course and when "The Messiah" arrives every Jew will get 2800 slaves. See Vilnius Talmud. This is something worth waiting for. Here and now, none of this heaven/hell business[.]

The Vilnius printing of the Talmud does not contain any reference to such a thing. Usually the reference quoted is found on neo-Nazi and antisemitic sites in this manner:

Here is what Jews really think of non-Jews in the Talmud:

When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.

-- Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D

This is a complete fabrication. There is no tractate called Simeon Haddarsen in the Talmud and consequently there is no fol. 56-D, that was only added to make it look authentic to lazy web-surfers. There was a Simeon Haddarsen who commented on the Bible 700 years after the Talmud was written, but he as well wrote nothing about the Talmud or slaves and Jews.

However, I do believe that since Jews control the world through domination of Hollywood, Sports, Chess, Nobel Prizes, Medicine and almost every other endeavor, I have no doubt that by the time the Messiah comes we Jews will be so rich we can all afford 2800 house servants.

Of course, the Messiah cannot come at the present era since there are not enough non-Jews to provide 2800 slaves for every Jew. We need either to increase the non-Jewish population of Earth by another 40 billion, or decrease the world's Jewish population down to about 2 million souls. Perhaps if the Iran deal goes through they will nuke both the US, Canada, and Israel and thus by bringing down the number of Jews, will inadvertently and simultaneously bring the Messiah and Islam's own destruction.

As for the image at the top of this post, I added the "Jew" bubble so does this make it true that Jews were involved in the slave trade?

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