Even More Muslim Excuses

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In my article Changing How Americans View Islam, I listed a number of excuses, lies, distortions and lies that Muslims in America use to convince stupid American idiots, primarily Liberals, that Islam is a beautiful and peace-loving, kind and gentle religion.

Here are a few (Muslim portions are in bold):

  • Suggest that infidels read the Qur'an where one can find peace, love, respect and tolerance.

    Muslims know that it is unlikely that infidels will ever read the Qu'ran and so they might believe that the Qu'ran is a holy book filled with peace and love.

  • In the rare event that an infidel reads the Qu'ran and finds vile and vicious verses, insist that the translation is distorted or misrepresented or out of context.

    That is, Muslims will deny, deny, deny that there is anything evil in the Qu'ran.

  • Insist that any violent acts committed by Muslims are due to culture, not Islam.

Now I read an article by Baron Bodissey from his blog Gates of Vienna, outlining the PC excuses used by a major German newspaper to condone the actions of Muslims persecuting Christians in Germany. Here are a few of those irrelevant excuses:

  • Islam is a Religion of Peace.

  • It is only a tiny minority of extremists responsible for Muslim violence.

  • Christians are also violent and intolerant.

  • "I know many nice, peaceful Muslims."

  • Drawing attention to Muslim violence might radicalize the extremists even further.

The one thing worse than Muslims lying about their religion to excuse terrorist attacks is politically correct infidel morons making excuses for those very same terrorists.

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