A Light Unto the Nations

In response to my article Even More Muslim Excuses, reader TS wondered, "The quran and the old testament are both filled with vile vicious verses. What is the difference then between the muslims and the christians? Why are there much more muslim terrorists?"

A wonderful question which has a simple answer: The Holy Old Testament explains history while the unholy Qur'an urges conquest. As I noted in my article The Difference Between the Quran and the Torah, the Jews read their bible to learn their history and how to live a life in such a way that they would be a "Light Unto the Nations" while Muslims read their military handbook to learn how to bring the countries they infest under subjugation.

As for the Jews - how bright a light have they shone upon this Earth! A people who have brought more invention and discovery, more medicines and cures, more joy and entertainment than any one else in history.

The teachings of Judaism have helped create the United States of America where the laws of the land protect men from the tyranny of government.

As for Muslims - What darkness have they put the world under. A people who sought to spread their faith by the sword of conquest bringing more savagery, slavery, subjugation and death than any one else in history.

The teachings of Islam have helped create Saudi Arabia (and 49 other barbaric nations) where the laws of God render subjugate the will of man to the tyranny of others.

To answer your question dear reader, there are more Muslim terrorists than infidel terrorists because only Muslims are instructed to forcefully convert the world to their religion.

And to be clear, when I write about Muslim terrorists I do not only mean Islamic radicals, but I also include seemingly moderate Muslims who one day kill their daughters because of their un-Islamic way of life. Some of my readers may recall the story of the Muslim father who shot and killed his two daughters Amina and Sarah in the back of his cab.

killed for being too american
Murdered for being too American
Photo Credit: Business Insider

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