Right Now 59% of Americans Have a Favorable View of Muslims - Wait for a Few More San Bernardinos

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Which Will America Choose?
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I have long maintained that the United States should not allow Muslims into our country, nor to build mosques, nor allow them to join our military.

Those who do not understand Islam will argue that 99% of Muslims are peaceful and that only a small percentage are extremist. In my article Deporting Muslims and Banning Mongoose, I wrote:

[T]he problem with moderate Muslims is not that they are jihadists but that they are Muslim.

Jihadists will not turn America into a Muslim country no matter how many cities they blow up, no matter how many buildings they bring down, no matter how many innocent lives are lost in a coffee-shop suicide bombing; no, I am not worried about extremists, there are only a few hundred thousand of them at most anyway. The problem is the tens of millions of moderate Muslims who infiltrate a country.

Once we have imported a few million more Muslims, then the natural process of immigration and fertility will take over. Muslim immigrants will bring their wives, sisters, mothers, brothers, uncles, fathers and any other relatives. These other family members, once here, will achieve what the terrorists with their suicide vests cannot: the conversion of our land into an Islamic craphole.

Won't happen? It happened to the more than 50 countries that were at one time Muslim-free and are now Islamic nations.

That is why Trump is right about banning Muslim immigration. Those who understand the threat posed by Islam agree with Trump. Liberals have a mental disease which prevents them from seeing that threat clearly. That is why Republicans tend to agree with Trump while Democrats, sad to say, do not.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal survey found that 57 percent of all those polled opposed Mr. Trump’s idea. Wait until we have an epidemic of San Bernardinos, then we will see how many turn in favor of a ban on Muslim immigration. I believe one day the western world will have to begin deporting Muslims when it becomes unbearable.

Listen to his reasons why a ban is necessary in this video:

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