13 Worst College Majors

I have been in the jewelry business for half a century and I can tell you that any jeweler who tells his customers that a diamond engagement ring is a good investment is a plain, flat-out, lying scammer. And he knows it.

Likewise, those who run colleges and universities that charge outrageous tuition fees for courses they know will not benefit students in terms of career advancement or monetary gain also know they are scamming those students. Such courses should come with a warning label that what the students learn therein will be completely useless in the real world and therefor are a waste of money.

When snack manufacturers scam us with over-puffed, under-filled, and over-priced bags of potato chips, they at least offer a notice that the contents of the bag may have settled and that the bag is not filled-to-the-brim with chips. Also it doesn't cost us $24,000 a bag.

If chip-makers were completely honest then their advertisement for a one-ounce bag of chips would look like this:

funny lay's potato chips
Photo Credit: eBaum's World

If college administrators were completely honest they would advise students that with a degree in Black Studies their potential job prospects would look like this :

Photo Credit: Revolutionary Paideia

Some colleges and schools are not only dishonest, their activities border on the fraudulent - thousands of students have applied to have their student loans forgiven, claiming their colleges defrauded them (1).

So if you want to major in Peruvian rug-weaving, then turn instead to one of the educational channels on cable or satellite TV. In a few hours you'll know everything there is to know about the subject without throwing away thousands of dollars and you'll still end up with the same job with or without that degree.

In no particular order, here are 13 College Majors that will aid you in ending up homeless and destitute:

  1. Art History

    I do not know, nor have I ever met anyone, who has a job that requires a degree in art history. Of course, if you can render an authentic-looking painting of Scarlett Johansson naked, I may be willing to part with a few bucks, so the degree may not be completely worthless.

  2. Journalism

    Most of the news we read from liberal journalists is fabricated or so heavily biased that it's worthless. Thus, in the future the media will figure out a way to have robots invent the news without paying journalists anything at all. Newspapers are dying anyway, so the future looks bleak even without robots.

  3. Psychology

    Who'd be crazy enough to hire someone with a psychology degree?

  4. Black Studies

    Al Sharpton ain't hiring any dudes with that degree. What he does need is Jews with degrees in law and accounting to help him wiggle out of being charged with illegal activities.

  5. Philosophy

    Yeah - that's what I need in my businesses: someone who can advise me as to what I Kan or Kant do regarding the thousands of new annual government regulations and laws.

  6. Music Therapy

    Well, this one could be slightly useful. I do need a good mixtape to encourage my customers to spend more in my jewelry stores - the Pandora app keeps stalling the music until one of my salesgirls clicks on an ad. Would $10 suffice? I'll probably want to change the compilation every few months.

  7. Dance

    Unless you can move like Fred Astaire, dance to a different degree. However Pole Dancing will earn you a good living.

  8. English Literature

    This one puts me in a quandary - let me tell you why. I believe most English Lit majors find out that their degree is so worthless that they end up being porn stars which actually can be quite rewarding - even those who suck at their job earn an average $120,000 a year (2).

  9. Latin

    I studied Latin, ancient Greek, Hebrew, French, Polish, Urdu, German, Arabic, and a dozen or so other languages in my youth. I didn't do it to get a job since English is the only useful language for business success - I did it for the same reason that I studied most subjects that are useless: I'm a curious guy. As for learning something useful for business success, I majored in mathematics and became a successful computer programmer.

    But studying Latin or any other language with the idea that you might get a job is ludicrous. Colleges should be forbidden from allowing anyone to major in any language. Studying German as an elective for example is OK, but choosing it as a major should be Verboten.

  10. Film

    Nothing will develop.

  11. Religion

    The only guys making money in religion are "Televangelists." However a degree is not required and most of them are greedy, shameless frauds who only take advantage of those they scam by promising them rewards they will never attain. That is to say, "Televangelists" are just like college administrators.

  12. Sociology

    Some of my readers may complain that without a degree in sociology they can't get a job as a corrections officer. Ahhh, a world without corrections officers - that's a good thing. In 20 years there won't be a need for corrections officers in America. As for why, look for a future article.

  13. Anthropology and Archaeology

    If you paid more than $24 for a degree in archaeology I fear that you'll never dig yourself out of debt.

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Wall Street Journal, 20 Jan 2016, Thousands Apply to U.S. to Forgive Their Student Loans, Saying Schools Defrauded Them

Americans are flooding the government with appeals to have their student loans forgiven on the grounds that schools deceived them with false promises of a well-paying career—part of a growing protest against years of surging college costs.

In the past six months, more than 7,500 borrowers owing $164 million have applied to have their student debt expunged under an obscure federal law that had been applied only in three instances before last year. The law forgives debt for borrowers who prove their schools used illegal tactics to recruit them, such as by lying about their graduates’ earnings.


In letters to the Education Department, borrowers speak of frayed lives after taking on huge debts to attend schools that they say provided inept instructors and failed to land them the industry jobs they promised.

“I feel robbed of my life,” wrote one student who said she owes $114,000 in federal student debt—most of it in her mother’s name—for her time at a branch of the Art Institutes chain of for-profit schools. “Even after paying my student loans on time and in full every month for over seven years, I’ve barely made a dent.”


Hollywood Reporter, 2 Oct 2014, Hollywood Salaries Revealed, From Movie Stars to Agents (and Even Their Assistants)


That's what an "average" porn star makes in a year, according to Joanne Cachapero of the Free Speech Coalition, the closest thing adult film has to a guild. Big-name female performers — what Cachapero calls "top flight" — can earn $200,000 or more (men, for once, earn less, though they tend to have longer careers). But there's a limit to even the most successful porn star's earning power. "Unlike mainstream performers," says Cachapero, "adult performers have less opportunity to diversify revenue by adding streams like merchandising and endorsements."

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