2015 - A Good Year for Muslim Nobel Laureates

Azaz Sancar - 2015 Nobel Chemistry
Aziz Sancar - the second Turk to
have won a Nobel Prize
Photo Credit: Turkish Academy of the Sciences

For the fifth time in over a hundred years, a Muslim (possibly) has won a Nobel Prize (see note below). Aziz Sancar, a Turkish-American biochemist and molecular biologist specializing in DNA repair was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2015.

The reason I write that he possibly might be a Muslim is that I cannot find the word 'Muslim' in either his personal wiki entry or in any other online news report - he simply describes himself: "I'm a Turk, that's it.".

The Wikipedia page on the List of Muslim Nobel laureates includes Aziz as the "third Muslim scientist," but notes that the description is dubious and has no source or citation for the assertion.

But there are so few Muslim scientists among the Noble Prize elite that I feel we can be generous and give Islam the benefit of the doubt and so I have added Aziz to my list of Muslim Nobel Laureates.

I try to be fair.


More Muslims have won the Nobel Prize for Peace than any Prizes for Science or Literature; however, I exclude the Peace Prize because it has nothing to do with intellectual achievement nor advancement of peace throughout the world. After all, Muslim sympathizers like Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama have been given that award and what peace did we have with those two morons?

Just consider Obama: we have turmoil in the Middle East, the Ukraine is at war, China is aggressively expanding its footprint in the China Sea, North Korea is detonating nuclear weapons and collaborating with Iran, ISIS is inspiring terror attacks around the world, North Africa, especially Libya is disintegrating . We have more wars now than before our appeaser-in-chief became elected President.

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