Denmark Has Had Enough of Muslims

 Sept. 9, 2015 Hundreds of refugees walk in Southern Jutland motorway near Padborg in Denmark.
Photo Credit: Martin Lehmann/AP

Exactly six years ago today I wrote an article noting the proliferation of Muslim criminal gangs in Denmark which Danish leftist parties were failing to address, thus facilitating the rise in power of anti-immigrant right wing parties.

And so it has come to pass: the far-right now holds enough power in the Danish Parliament to pass laws punishing any Danish citizen who helps asylum seekers:

The Washington Post, 11 Apr 2016, Denmark, a social welfare utopia, takes a nasty turn on refugees

COPENHAGEN — Lise Ramslog was out for a barefoot amble on the warm day last September that Europe’s refugee crisis came to her remote village in southern Denmark.

The 70-year-old grandmother had planned a simple stroll. What she found in her quiet, coastal community were hundreds of exhausted asylum seekers who had arrived on the ferry from Germany only to be stranded without access to public transportation. Some had begun to walk along the highway in desperation.


She ended up giving two young couples, a small child and a newborn baby a 120-mile ride in her cramped sedan to their destination in Sweden...

In another context, Ramslog might be known as a good Samaritan.

But the Danish government has a different term for her: convicted human smuggler.


Danish citizens who drove refugees to the Swedish border are now being convicted of human smuggling.

During the Holocaust the Danes sheltered Jews from Nazi tyranny.

During the Cold War the Danes helped escapees from Soviet tyranny.

During the Muslim invasion of Europe, the Danes need help in escaping Muslim tyranny.

The present Danish movement to bar further immigration of Muslims into their country will hopefully turn into a movement to expel them. It thankfully happened once before more than six centuries ago in Europe.

It is not a choice solely for Denmark to make, the rest of the western world must decide as well. As Daniel Pipes correctly stated in 2007 - as the faithful of Islam rapidly infest the European Continent, Europe's relationship with Muslims will take one of three paths: harmonious integration, the expulsion of Muslims, or an Islamic takeover.

Well, 10 years later it looks as if there may only be two paths remaining since 'harmonious integration' is not working at all in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, and all other European nations.

I have written, since 2006, in hundreds of articles, that western civilization has only two choices: deport Muslims or become Muslims.

Caption for photo: 9 Sept 2015 - Hundreds of Muslim refugees, mostly men of military age, walk in Southern Jutland motorway near Padborg in Denmark.

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