Trumpophobia Beware the #thechalkening

trump drawing at emory university
Photo Credit: Fox News

You have no doubt heard of the fear, trauma and pain that some students at Emory University went through a fortnight ago when they encountered pro-Trump chalk writings on their campus:

CBS News, 24 Mar 2016, Some Emory University students "in pain" after "Trump 2016" chalked on campus

The specter of a Donald Trump presidency is so disturbing to some college students that they're protesting pro-Trump chalk writings on their campus, according to a report by Emory University's campus newspaper.

The words "Trump 2016" appeared earlier this week scrawled in chalk around the college campus, the Emory Wheel reported Monday. In response, a few dozen students gathered at the school's administration building later that day, holding signs that read "Stop Trump" and "Stop Hate." According to the paper, the activists shouted, "You are not listening! Come speak to us, we are in pain!"

Trumpophobia – a “fear of a Donald Trump Presidency” – is a condition which triggers individuals to suffer an emotional reaction when simply viewing drawings or images which indicate support for this man. Although the condition is quite widespread among almost all college young, it is not yet a recognized medical diagnosis.

So is it possible that these students truly have Trumpophobia? A fear that someone who is not politically correct might become President? Someone who's not afraid to speak his mind even if it offends others?

Yes, I believe liberal college professors have so ruined the minds of many of our youth that seemingly innocuous images which disagree with what they are taught about tolerance, compassion, and love of others can induce a variety of symptoms including anxiety, rashes, nausea, heart palpitations and even near suffocation.

Do you have Trumpophobia?

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