Translating Muslim Speak - The Meaning of the Word Peace

Islam means peace is a lie
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I have in previous articles, here, here, and here, shown that the oft-used phrase "Islam Means Peace," is a blatant lie - Islam certainly does not mean peace, not in Arabic, not in practice, and not in the Qur'an.

Here is how Muslims confuse infidels: they claim that the word Islam is derived from the Arabic triliteral root SLM - that is true. Then they claim that SLM means peace, purity, submission and obedience. Yes, again - the root SLM in different contexts can have all those meanings, but ... And here is the but: when applied to Islam the root can only mean "submission."

Perhaps an example will help - consider the English verb DUSTING: Suppose a Muslim, let's call him Ahmed, suppose Ahmed tries to poison a farmer's produce by dusting his crops with anthrax powder. Now let's suppose Ahmed explains he was not applying but rather removing poison dust because the definition of the word dusting means "removing the dust from the surface of (something)." Yes, yes, yes, dusting can have that meaning as in "dusting furniture," but...

And here is the but: when referencing crops the word means to "cover lightly with a powdered substance."

Thus we see, dusting can have two completely opposite meanings.

So let be accurate and truthful - here is how Muslims actually apply the word peace in regard to their fellow man:

infidels in peaces
Here we see the aftermath of a Muslim "Peace" rally where victims were left in peaces here and peaces there.

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9 Oct 2014:

At least 40 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in the capital of Yemen.

The blast struck as hundreds of people were arriving in Tahrir Square, in Sanaa, for a rally organised by the Shia rebel group, the Houthis.

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