Donald Trump and Alicia Machado and Miss Piggy

Alicia Machado
What Alicia Machado looks like today, thanks to Donald Trump's urging.
Photo Credit: Hollywood Life

At the end of the first Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Hillary brought up an incident that happened in 1996 regarding the Miss Universe contest - at that time Trump was the executive producer of the Miss Universe Pageant.

Hillary accused Trump of being a misogynist for supposedly insulting Alicia Machado, who won Miss Universe 1996, by calling her Miss Piggy. Why would Donald do that to a winning contestant? It's simple: she put on 40 to 60 pounds and photos of a fat Miss Universe would hurt the brand. Misogyny had nothing to do with it - Donald was only protecting the Miss Universe Brand.

Under pressure she lost the weight and years later, thanks to Donald's urging to lose weight, she became Miss February Playboy Mexico 2006 and her career revived. Without Donald Miss Machado would have been a fat, puffy has-been and a nobody.

To see what Donald wrought look no further than my 2006 article Alicia Machado - Feb Playboy Mexico 2006; my most popular article for the past ten years with my readers from Latin America.

A President Donald Trump would likewise protect brand America which has been nearly destroyed by an incompetent cowardly Obama where our allies do not trust us and our enemies do not fear us.


Machado recently became a U.S. citizen and has been actively campaigning for Clinton. Alicia's support for Hillary and her disdain for Trump reminds me of the following story:

A little bird was flying south for the winter and was almost frozen and eventually fell to the ground. While it was lying there a cow came along and dropped some dung on it. As the frozen bird lay there it began to recover from the heat of the dung and thaw out and soon found sufficient contentment to sing for joy thus attracting a passing cat, which promptly dug the bird out of the dung and ate it.

The lesson? Not everyone who drops shit on you is your enemy.

Not everyone who gets you out of the shit is your friend.

When you are in the shit, keep your mouth shut!

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